DIY Fails & Fall DIY Prevails

I had the best idea ever.  I saw something in a catalog and it was crazy expensive.  I knew exactly how to make it, easily and for way less money.

Except, it didn’t work and it looks ridiculous.

I love nothing more than when you have an idea in your mind and then you are able to create it and have it in front of you.  So, while I regroup and try to figure out how to do it so it doesn’t look ridiculous, I thought I would share the times when our DIY skills have prevailed.




Like this pretty adaptation of a velvet, or any type for that matter, pumpkin.  Just simply switch the stems out for a vintage faucet handle.  




And speaking of switching out pumpkins, my all time favorite is when I made doorknob pumpkins.



And while we are on the path of DIY pumpkins, one of my all time favorite projects is our DIY reclaimed wood pumpkins.  The story behind the wood is my favorite part.

And since I seem to be on the trend for creating a pattern in how I am sharing things, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Wood Pumpkin now we transition into a wood project…




Our wood & burlap wreath has been one of our most shared and popular projects.  In fact, the Christmas version ended up being featured in one of BHG’s specialty publications.

I am off to figure out this project and I hope to be back soon with it done well!

Thank so much for reading!



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