Desk Organization with Lucite Trays



Truth time.  I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately.

I have several long to-do lists in multiple areas of work and life that it has almost left me paralyzed.   Which leads to feeling more overwhelmed because I am getting nothing done.

Does that ever happen to you?  You have so much to do and then you get nothing done?

So, I decided the best place to jump start myself is with desk organization – especially my desk drawer.  Somehow, that helps, at least in my head.



I found this set of pretty Lucite trays at Homegoods last week and loved the look.  One is holding papers on my desk and the other will be used in my makeup drawer.  After looking at them closely, I realized that it is almost like a contact paper lining on the bottom that gives the lace look.




So, I ordered this contact paper, this tray, and this one too for my bathroom drawer.

I started by tracing out the outline of the tray and cutting it down to size.




I went back in a second time and trimmed it down so that it laid in between the nubbies on the back side that keep it from slipping.

Once cut to the right size, I simply unrolled it and attached it to the tray.




The tray for my bathroom is adjustable in size so I only did the two underside sections.




It is such a simple detail that probably only I will see, but somehow, this is helping me feel better.  This drawer was just filled with junk, half of which needed to be thrown away or put somewhere else.  Now, what I do need is right at my fingertips.




I am off to cross some things of the to-do list, including organizing my make-up drawer.  I can not deny – it is a hot mess!

Thanks so much for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Desk Organization with Lucite Trays”


  1. Hi Laura ~
    What a great idea for your makeup
    I have a question – The tray that goes on top of the draw – how is it when you close the draw?
    And I love the lace contact paper – did you put it on the bottom of the tray or did you cut each piece separately.

    Thanks Laura have a wonderful day
    Much love,

  2. I am a firm believer in using beautiful things in everyday life- beauty should be enjoyed! So what if you are the only one that sees it? YOU get to enjoy it and get a little smile every time you open those drawers! Well done!

  3. Welcome to my world! Your tray is beautiful and a good start. I’m told you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time and steps like this will lead you where you need to go. Keep after it! 🙂

  4. Love this idea, Laura! And I agree, we do need to use the beautiful things for everyday life! Thanks for the reminder! I have oodles of stationery, pens, cards, and yes, even underwear, that I don’t use because they’re so special to me, but, why not use those special things? Not just for me, but to make someone else’s day beautiful, too!

  5. One thing I noticed – the two calculators. Unless they serve a special function, your computer has a built in calculator as does a smart phone. Jiust sayin’.

  6. So pretty! I think our brains must work exactly the same way, I too become “paralyzed” by my to do list when it becomes overwhelmingly long. Yesterday I cleaned off my desk top and organized piles of receipts and paperwork. There is no room for creativity in my head when there are piles everywhere of work to do! 🙂