Decorating Ideas: Telling Your Home’s Story

I assume if you are reading my blog it is at least partially because you are looking for some decorating ideas.

But do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the “inspiration” and ideas?


I know I do.

I see something I love – but then I realize it wouldn’t really work in my home.

But then, I find something else new and I figure out that it would be a nice change and a new way to stay true to my own style.

Sometimes we need to shake things up.


I love to bring out brighter and happier colors for the spring.

Or warm up and settle in for the fall.

And oh how I love to decorate for the holidays.

But no matter what we do in decorating – whether it be for the seasons, for the holidays or if we see our style evolving – it should still be a reflection of ourselves and families.


Our home’s should always tell OUR story and not look like it is out of the pages of a generic catalog.

Don’t feel you need to follow rules.

Don’t feel you need to do what everyone else is doing.  Do what you love.  Do what works for your family.

Do what works for you.


And if you would like some ideas for how to make your home reflect you and your family, you can visit my post over at Wayfair.

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day.


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9 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas: Telling Your Home’s Story”


  1. Laura you are so right. We downsized and I am ashamed to say we’ve been living in our house for almost nine years and we’ve done some renovations and decorating but it has not been up to par. I haven’t been inspired — the whole process has stagnated!! I love some of the decorating ideas you and the talented bloggers have done — I’ve even tried to duplicate but it wasn’t right. I wrote about it on my blog — the post was — It Doesn’t Fit. And it was exactly the moment I realized that what I was trying to do wasn’t “me”. Now I am excited to start decorating in “my” style. You have helped me finally get that “Eureka” moment. Thank you for always being inspiring.

  2. Great posts, Laura. There is a lot of inspiration out there on home decor but it doesn’t always fit one’s style. I like to ‘shop the house’ and change thing out seasonally to save money. I rarely buy new accessories and our furniture is fairly new and will ‘do us out’. Our coffee and end tables are 35 years old but they are solid wood which you can’t find today without spending a lot of money. They may not be in style but they still work with my more traditional style. I love your home and your use of personal and vintage things you decorate it with. The bookshelf/storage wall in your living room is a wonderful idea by the way. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips!

  3. This is so true and something I’m horribly guilty of. Its one thing to find inspiration online/in a magazine but I’ve become quite guilty of getting caught up in someone else’s inspiration, rather than finding my own. After I realized that this was costing me quiet a bit of money I’ve stopped purchasing things online that other bloggers loooooooooove in their home. Unless I can go to the store and physically look at/touch the item and still love it, I won’t get it. Its been hard too because it means that I have to rely on myself more and as a doubting thomas of my own ability this freaks me out. BUT I am noticing that the things I buy this way are much less likely to be donated away/stashed in a closet when the novelty wears off. Thank you for the reminder of whose story I’m telling.

  4. What a lovely post. I so enjoy your ideas.Its an encouragement when you mentioned, do what you like, no cookie cutters here.

  5. I could not agree with you more! It’s also important to tell our story to others. Some of us are just wired to best tell that story through our homes…and that becomes part of the story 🙂 always love visiting your home/story. Crazy over that little cyclists artwork!

  6. Very good read and so true! We are all guilty of comparing and trying to measure up…and sometimes we feel so inadequate we want to just throw in the towel! But we each do have our own style that is OURS and that works for us. I’m looking forward to reading your other post 🙂

  7. I totally agree!!! I don’t jump on the decorating bandwagon unless I like it and it “fits” our home. I do have a question though… How long do you keep a gift someone gave you? I have a hard time getting rid of that ugly vase or rag doll named “Shannon”. It may not fit my style so where do you draw the line with decor gifts?
    Shannon M.