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Decorating Ideas Family Room Design Board

I haven’t taken on a new decorating client for some time, for a whole host of reasons.

But I have recently, I have.

And the truth is, I have neglected her.

But the good news, she is my Mom.

The bad news is she is my Mom.

(I kid, I kid!)

She has been wanting a visual aid – she can’t just “see it”.

I decided to go ahead and create a design board for her.

The accessories and art are representative of the overall ideas.  My goal is to try and find as many vintage and unique items as we can, and then fill in with the store bought options.

I have provided links below.

And not only am I doing her family room, but we have another project on the horizon as well.

If any of you remember, when “Superstorm Sandy” came through, I shared that my parents have a small home on LBI, NJ.  At the time, we weren’t fully sure of the extent of the damage.  The final outcome is there is nothing left with the exception of the studs.  They are still awaiting a final structural evaluation to know when they can rebuild.

So, we are starting on that new journey as well and I am hoping to share more of the planning and decisions here.

Here are the sources for the items in the design board.

Moms family room with labels

1 2– 3 – 45 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 16

I would love to know if design boards like this is something you would like to see more of in the future.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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20 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas: Rustic Traditional Family Room”


  1. I am sorry to hear your mom lost her home in the hurricane. So hard and devastating. Her living room will look so so good when you are done with it. You have great taste! I love the paint colors! Very familiar. LOL Not the same paint brand, but very close in colors. The back wall, as it runs from the living room, into the dining and in the kitchen is the lighter shade of paint. The other two walls in the living room as well as my foyer are the darker shade. I love seeing the mood boards. I am in the process of tweaking rooms in my house. Trying to use as much as I have here, rearranging a few pieces and adding a few new. Having the hardest time finding a mirror. I want to put a mirror above my sectional.

  2. Laura,

    I love your design board…..but my favorite is the chair. Your mom is totally blessed to have you in her life to help her with the design!

    blessings to you my wonderful friend!

  3. I love design boards! I’ve been doing a few for myself this week as I tweak and re-do a couple of rooms in my house.
    You have such great style and I love all of your choices. I am eyeing that horse head from Ballard — so cool!

  4. I do like design boards because they do help people “see”
    most of us have trouble with that who are not gifted in that area…lol
    what fun though to work alongside mom BUT i hear you…;)
    it is rainy rainy here today…dark and gloomy
    hope it is sunny where you are

  5. I have a very similar couch from Ethan Allen. I love that it is neutral, but I am afraid that it is too neutral in my house. My walls are painted a medium brown color. Maybe I need to lighten it up with the green paint color that you suggested for your mom’s room. Beige carpet + beige couch+ brown wall + wood furniture = boring room. I like the area rug you have chosen too. What lamps and window treatments would you chose? Please post pictures of your mom’s house as it is repaired. I agree that she is lucky to have you help her with her decorating.

  6. Great plan. Love the rug. Is her primary residence the one that was destroyed by the hurricane? Would thoroughly enjoy seeing more design boards found put together

  7. Your mom is so lucky to have you help her! So sorry to hear about her house. My in-laws own a house in Seaside Park and were lucky enough to only have basement/garage flooding…but I am sure you know what the rest of Seaside looks like! I love your design board and would love to see more in the future! I love your style!

  8. Yes, I love the design board!! Would love to see more in the future, as well as the progress of your mom’s room coming together. Thanks!

  9. Hi Laura, being that I’m probably around your mother’s age, I really like the design board you chose for her. I have been wanting one of those floor lamps for my reading chair but haven’t found one here. I may have to go on line. The sofa is similar to mine and I would love that coffee table. Great job Laura. I think your mom will love it. Pamela


  11. I love seeing design boards! I love the console table! My husband WON a new flatscreen & I’ve been searching high and low for a console table… The one is your board is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I clicked on the link and there’s a furniture store 10 miles from my home that carries this line. 🙂 Guess where I’ll be heading this weekend?