Dear Valentine’s Day Projects,


(DIY Valentine’s Day Wax Seal)

Dear Valentine’s Day Projects,

There was a time when a whole day would be dedicated to you.  My girls would put together cards for all their classmates while I worked on a new project.  Remember that year when we painted all of the wood hearts together and made into into a banner to hang across the stairs?   That one was so sweet, especially when the girls signed them.  I should go dig those out of the bin.

This year though, I am not sure what my kids are up for.

But I am not giving up hope just yet.

There was this moment in the store the other day that gave me hope.  Yes, Peanut is under that bear.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.07.36 AM


Peanut left with some gifts for her friends and a pack of Valentine’s.  Sunshine could not even be convinced to give cards to her friends as a joke.

But I am not giving up hope.

The rustic Valentine letters will come back out.




And my embroidered canvas art will come back out as well.




And I may even decide to bake some heart shaped brownies.  If nothing else, I should be able to woo them with brownies.




But no matter how big they get, they will always receive their special letter from me.  I may not make a video of it this year, but the letter will always come.  Because you and I both know, sweet Valentine’s day projects, that the most important thing is that they know how much they are loved.




Thank you for all the memories and I am looking forward to making new ones together.


The mom who’s kids are growing so fast

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2 thoughts on “Dear Valentine’s Day Projects,”


  1. Ahh, this post struck me like an arrow straight through the heart! 😉 My kids are all teenagers and young adults, and they do their “own thing” for Valentine’s Day now. At least I still have their Dad. 😉 Love your projects, brownies will definitely be included in our celebration. They might even sit down to dinner with us if I make brownies… 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day Laura!