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This will be my fifth Christmas season blogging.  That is so crazy to me.  I have a secret to tell you.  I actually have started to really like getting all of my holiday decorating done early.  You see, I can cheat a little bit because we rarely have Thanksgiving at our home.  We return home after Thanksgiving and we are all decorated and just settle in and focus on shopping, wrapping and most importantly, enjoying the season.

When I decorate for Christmas, I try to come up with an idea to keep consistently through my decor since our floor plan is fully open.  Usually, I start from the mantel and build from there.  I have such a fun idea in my head for my mantel this year – if it works.  This will be putting my crafting / DIY skills to the test.  Fingers crossed!

As you start planning your Christmas ideas or actually start on your decorating, I thought it might be helpful if I shared our mantels of the past.  Each year, I have loved my mantel and then the next year the new one is my favorite.  Clearly, my photography skills have improved over the years as well!

Let’s start with my current favorite – last year’s mantel.  Honestly, I love it so much I am half tempted to just put it right back up again!  It so clean, simple and uncomplicated.  You can find all of the details along with the tutorial for how I made the chalkboard by following this link:

Classic Christmas Mantel



My Advent calendar window was an idea born many months before Christmas.  I had long been on the look out for a window with 24 frames and did not even hesitate when I found this one in the summer.   If I were to go back to this mantel now, I might edit a few things off, but truly I love it still!

Vintage Window Advent Calendar Christmas Mantel


My mantel of 2011 took some serious negotiating skills to complete.  I knew I needed the perfect set of vintage sleigh bells to bring it all together.  When I found them, the shop owner said they weren’t for sale.  I managed to convince him differently!  They are still one of my favorite decorating items.

In a similar theme, I would edit a few things out at this point, but I love the true rustic Christmas feel.

Rustic Christmas Mantel



And of course, there is my very first mantel.   I love the pops of red and the mirror.  In fact, I am pretty sure that mirror is coming back up to the mantel this year.  The mini trees were placed in pewter tea pots.

Greenery and Red Christmas Mantel

hats and christmas mantel 046_thumb[4]


So what are your Christmas decorating plans?  Do you change things up every year or do you bring back the same favorites?  Have you already started?

Thanks so much for reading!


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13 thoughts on “Christmas Mantel Ideas”


  1. I certainly couldn’t find a favorite. I do like the idea of a theme — I think it’s easier to focus on decorating. The same way with a dinner — if it has a theme it seems to come together better. I’m anxious to see how you do the rest.

  2. I love all your mantels, Laura. In past year’s I have kept things fairly the same because my kids begged me to. We always had their stockings and some garland in which I would tuck framed pictures of all their sittings with Santa or special Christmas outings we went on together. Well, since blogging, I’ve had to change things up a little but, honestly, I didn’t change much because of them. This year is the first year I completely changed the mantel and the kids are loving it! No begging for the old way so I guess I’m on to something with them! lol Like you, I am going for the simple, uncluttered look. I still love the fullness of your first mantels but there’s no question it’s so much easier to keep it simple and they’re just as beautiful. Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

  3. I love all of your mantels, but I would have to say the chalkboard is my favorite too! I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year so I haven’t really thought about Christmas yet, but as soon as turkey day is over I’m sure I’ll be pulling all of my decorations out.

  4. All of these are so pretty. I used a large canvas print last year from Dear Lilly – it looks like a chalkboard. I love it so much, it is going back up this year!

  5. I love the rustic mantel although all are very creative! I just want those sleigh bells!!!

    I go back back and forth, one year simple, one year elaborate. This year is simple, thank goodness! I guess it just depends on the theme I go for.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Jane x

  6. I love all your mantels Laura. I like to change things up every year. Keeps me on my toes! lol
    My Christmas bins are coming up tomorrow…I love it

  7. I have a very tall, 1916 dark-wood mantle, and I usually put a tall wooden angel in the middle, then surround it by my white nativity, mini lights and poinsettias, flanked by two 3-foot pines . . . In fact, I’ve done this every year for over 10 . .. and I’m really thinking about changing it up, which is one reason I want to get my shopping done and organized so that I’ll be more organized all around! IT’s so much easier just to do it the same way every year, but you’re inspiring me! 🙂

  8. All of your mantels are gorgeous! I never decorate before Thanksgiving because we host dinner that day and I have to focus on that first. But I spend all of Black Friday pulling out those boxes! I hope to buy a few new decorations this year so I guess I better get moving on that! Enjoy your weekend. It’s chilly here in NJ.

  9. Laura,
    Loved seeing all your “Mantels of Christmas Past”. All of them were beautiful in their own right, but my favorite was your “Sleigh Bells Ring” mantel. It was both rustic and elegant at the same time. I am still pulling together ideas in my head for my mantel this year as I love to change things up too every year.

  10. Hi Laura,
    I love the mantel ideas. I love your website and refer people to your blog often. I just love your style and have written often. I just have one small concern or complaint. We haven’t even gotten through Thanksgiving yet and you are already decorating for Christmas. It isn’t just you, it seems to be on everyone’s blog. What happened to decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving. Time goes so quickly. Children are young for a short time, We need to enjoy them and celebrate the moment, not rush their lives away. I know our lives are too full, but we have control of over scheduling, especially during the holidays. After all aren’t the holidays about family, sharing, and love? Just want you to enjoy the moment, and count your blessings. It’s too late this year, but maybe next year you can wait until after Thanksgiving to share Christmas ideas. I still love your blog, you do a great job.Thanks for listening. Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours.
    Kathy B.

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a sweet note. I so understand your concern and discomfort with Christmas ideas being shared before Thanksgiving. There are a lot of reasons why I do this. First, this is my business and we now have a shop as well. If I wait till after Christmas to share ideas and projects, it is too late. As well, when I recommend products or materials, they are usually already sold out and readers get frustrated. Also, Thanksgiving dinner is not at our house and I love coming home to everything being done. Actually, getting it all done early is very stress relieving for me. My plan is to actually take the last few weeks of the year completely off (yeah!). If I waited till after Thanksgiving – it would actually stress me out so much more!

      And, as far as my girls – they love all things Christmas and they are actually watching a Christmas movie on The Hallmark Channel right now. We have not yet started listening to Christmas music – but it is coming soon! We work hard to try and balance our business needs with your family priorities. We don’t always get it right – but we sure do try!

      Wishing you the very happiest of Thanksgiving!

      Take care,