Christmas in Our Kitchen

Finding HOme Christmas Kitchen Heading

I think it is a very safe bet to say that you won’t be seeing many baking recipes on this blog anytime soon.

Finding Home Christmas Stove

I love to cook – I have full confidence just winging it – or as we like to say around here “MasGyvering” a meal.

Christmas Kitchen Tiered Stand from Finding Home

You know when you just figure out what is the fridge and the pantry and make a meal.

Christmas Kitchen from Finding Home

In fact, tonight I pulled together a long over due home cooked meal for my family.  I made a never before tried apple and cheddar salad with sunflower seeds, red onion, croutons and celery all mixed with a raspberry vinaigrette – they loved it!

Christmas Kitchen Window

But when it comes to baking – I am much less confident – you have to be so precise and follow the recipe – at least I do.

Following recipes exactly is not my strong suit.

Lori Mitchell Christmas Figurines

But the Christmas rule book says “There must be Christmas baking for a jolly Holiday season!”.

Finding Home Christmas Island

So, tomorrow I am headed to the grocery store with an extensive shopping list that entails all things baking.

Christmas in the Kitchen

Now that my kitchen is decorated with greenery, figurines from Lori Mitchell and some vintage touches – it is time to mess it all up.

Yes, that is another thing – I am a very messy baker.

Finding Home Christmas Kitchen

So we will turn on the Christmas music – or maybe a “Fa La La Lifetime” movie.

Christmas Kitchen

And we will make hot chocolates.

Christmas Hot Cocoa Station at Finding Home

And we will slow down and be thankful for being done with the “decorating” stage and focus on family time.

  Christmas Vintage Toy Truck

And so, I may not be creating a “pinnable” recipe to share with you all.

I will be reading off a box – with one exception – my Mom’s snowball cookies.

Christmas Kitchen Towards Family Room

But the good news is my daughter Sunshine is really interested in baking and has a whole list of recipes she wants to try.

Christmas Farm

This could be just the answer I have been looking for – a family baker – and its not me!

Are you a recipe maker or follower?

Are you a baker or more a meal maker?

If you would like to see my full Holiday Housewalk, you can visit here.

And have you finished your holiday decorating yet?  Well if you have,share it over at Jennifer Rizzo’s today.  She hosting a house tour link party – and the winner she chooses will be part of next year’s Holiday Housewalk.

Thanks so much for reading!

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13 thoughts on “Christmas in Our Kitchen”


  1. Meal maker…theory holds that right brain creative types prefer cooking and left brain logic types prefer baking as it is more measured & precise. Certainly true in our family & now dear daughter & my math whiz sister-in-law do the baking! Hooray. I adore those little Russian peasant girl candles…my friend recently adopted a Russian baby girl & I would love to find one for her first American Christmas. Do you have a source for them?

  2. Hi, I love your holiday kitchen. Can I ask where you got those adorable figurines in the window? I especially love the angel. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  3. Laura,
    My wife,JoAnn, does most of the cooking in our home, I am more the dishwasher/clean-up guy. Our tradition for Christmas baking is do 90+% the three days right after Thanksgiving. She clears the counters and I put up the extra folding tables. One for ingredients and supplies and the other for cooling racks. The kitchen table (laminate top) is covered with freezer paper for dipping pretzels and truffles and the penninsula counter keeps traffic out of stove central. It is a 20+ year tradition that includes anyone who wants to help. This year the recipe count is 30+ . When it was all done we scrubbed down the cupboards, the floor and tables and put the Chistmas stuff. The braided rug goes down in the kitchen and that is the sign we are done baking. Well mostly…….


  4. Just because it is said that there should be holiday baking does not mean we have to be the ones doing it. I used to kill myself baking but now I go to a fabulous bakery and buy fabulous cookies! I prefer the decorating of the house anyways.

  5. Love your decorations!! The little people by your sink are so cute. The little barn and farm animals are cute to and where did you find the little windmill??
    I am all done with Christmas I do ours so early so by the time Al goes back to the barn Chrsitmas day we are taking it all down:)

  6. Like to bake, hate making meals. If you tell me exactly how much and how long I am fine but coming up with something for dinner is challenging.

  7. I’m a recipe follower but just on the first try… then, I tend to adjust, invent… and, sometimes, mess up 😉
    I was raised to be a housewife so from very young I was taught all about home and curiously learned also to love it, so I can do almost everything (shhhhh, don’t tell hubby :P) except decorating; as being from a country home the Aunts who raised didn’t trust or understood those niceties. But I’m getting a grip thanks to generous people like you that share their Art to the less fortunate like me.
    Thank you!

  8. Hi, Laura,

    Everything is beautiful as usual! A delight to my eyes.

    Is it possible for you to send your salad recipe that you mentioned in this post? I did a Google search using the ingredients listed but didn’t find anything. I also went to your Pinterest boards but didn’t find it there either. It just sounds so delicious that I’d like to make it. Thanks!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!


    PS I’m a baker for sure but unfortunately you can’t live off of cookies and cakes….well….

  9. OK…I am a meal maker and love to “make up” meals as I go along…adding a little this and that….Love your Lori Mitchell figurines…Kelly from Essence of Home just posted about her Lori Mitchell figurine..and she stated that she lives in Georgia..nearby her…

  10. I love your site! Your decorations are just beautiful. As is your whole house! : ) Can I ask what brand/style your couches are? They are exactly what I am looking for!