Christmas in August: Auction Finds Part 2

Yesterday, I shared how I managed to hit two great auctions and an estate sale in one week and the finds I managed to come home with.

This is part two.

There is a definite theme here…

Vintage Christmas, Auction Finds

I would not normally have picked up nutcrackers, but they were for Peanut, she has been asking me to find her one.  She gets first pick…

Vintage Christmas, Auction Finds

I hit the mother load of vintage Christmas.

 Vintage Christmas, Auction Finds


This little box of Christmas matches is in incredible shape.  Weird concept, but cute.




 Vintage Christmas, Auction Finds

 Vintage Christmas, Auction Finds

There may be hope for an Etsy shop in here somewhere?

Thanks for reading.

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13 thoughts on “Christmas in August: Auction Finds Part 2”


  1. Wow you sure did hit the mother load. You lucky duck. I love vintage Christmas decorations. I have some of the same ornaments that I just love. I fill my over sized candle holders with them. I love Santas and I remember the guy in the back row. My mother use to have one just like him. Boy how I wish she would have saved all of her decorations. You found some really great stuff. I’ll be keeping an eye on your Etsy shop.

  2. Wow! Haven’t seen those since I was a child! 1950’s! Pretty! Great find! Looks like someone will have a vintage tree this year!

  3. Holy Ornaments!!! I just pinned your lovely vintage ornament wreath the other day (because I am in need of some major holiday inspirations for a top secret project!) When I realized it was yours, i got even more excited about it!

    xo – Kristin

  4. Laura,
    You did luck out. The vintage shiny brite ornaments are my favorite. I still have a hard time thinking that what I remember my mom buying and putting on our tree is now “vintage”. You need another tree just for the theme you have going now.