Catching Up

So, it has been a long time since I have been posting regularly.

Probably about a month.

Lots of reasons, some good, some just not getting to it.

So, here I am now trying to catch y’all back up.

I usually get the fewest responses when I share about life and personal stuff as compared to decorating projects.

That okay.  But, if you are not interested in personal stuff, today is not the day to read! 😉

I find that I enjoy more and more reading blogs about people’s lives that I can identify with along with all of the amazing decorating and project blogs.

When I started my blog, it truly was and still is about FINDING HOME, but our journey is about all of it, not just the decorating stuff.

So, as I said from the beginning, I hope you enjoy being part of my journey towards finding our sense of home.  Maybe something we are experiencing will strike familiar to you as  well.  Our home is the items we put on the walls, the rugs we put on the floors, the furniture we carefully select.  But it also the people that fill the home, that sit on the furniture, who leave dirt on the rugs and who’s laughter bounces off the walls.

I so appreciate all of you who follow my blog and hope that I continue to write so that you will want to continue to follow along with our journey.


In the midst of the last month, a lot of life has happened.

So, I am going to share in backwards order, collage style.


Thanks Paige for teaching me how to use Instagram, love it!


We crossed something off the Summer List and hit the American Museum of Natural History and spent some time in NYC.


I spent the 4th with my Betties…


Welcoming home our friend who was serving our Country and is now safely home.  The sure are a lot of us now!

A little background that is cool and a little weird.

The four girls were roommates in college.  3 of the four of us married 3 roommates (the 4th Bettie married her High School Sweetheart.).  What that means is that when I get together with my friends, they are all my husband’s great friends as well.  And now, our kids are all becoming friends as well.

It is pretty cool and we feel lucky for it.


School and softball came to an end, both with a lot of rain and a lot of fun.


Peanut had a chance to do some new things…

ALLStar collage

Another family day was had that included spur of the moment batting cages even if we were in heels.


My baby girl went to the 5th grade dance.  No worries, no date allowed.


Blondie Moved Up to 6th grade, which for us mean Middle School next year (and the early bus!)


We had an incredible “crop” of roses this year.  When I was first recovering from my eye surgery, cutting roses and putting together arrangements was about the only thing I was capable of doing.  My friends, neighbors and my girl’s teachers were the receipt of several arrangements.

roses collage

But mostly, I really have been focusing on enjoying my girls more and more each day.

They are at such fun ages right now.

Not that all the stages aren’t fun, but they are in a stage of finding themselves but not yet really caring what other people think.

That in itself is such a beautiful thing.


Oh, and I have officially decided.  I have always referred to my older daughter as Blondie because that is what she wanted to be called.  But, I really don’t like it.  It just doesn’t fit her and focuses too much on her appearance and not the wonderful person she is.   Her real nickname is too close to her real name.

Anyone have any ideas for a new nickname?

Thanks for reading and I hope to be back soon, really!

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8 thoughts on “Catching Up”


  1. I appreciate blogs that include personal life as well. I started my blog in order to leave some thoughts for my kids. Then, it morphed into a little bit about projects and gardening. But, at the end of the day, my purpose is to write down a little family history and my takes on life in general. I think that is important.

  2. I so enjoy your blog and I love hearing about your family. My daughter and I wanted to take a “road trip” to be at your sale…we wanted everything and talked about it for days. Have a great summer with family and friends!

  3. Just the fact that you had eye surgery is enough to explain why you haven’t blogged. I love personal blogs and I like how you created collages of what you’ve been up to. I think Blondie is a cute nickname and she does have beautiful blond (almost white) hair. My hair was like that when I was 5 but it got darker and darker as I got older. I have it dyed dark blond now. I don’t think Blondie is a bad nickname when I see your daughter smile, it seems to fit her. What is your younger daughter’s nickname? At this age it’s wonderful that they don’t care what others think. Mine is 13 and she cares way too much. One minute she says she doesn’t care and does outrages stuff with her hair but then she gets upset when she gets negative feedback. I promised she could bleach her hair light blond and use temporary dye in the color blue. This is something she’s wanted for 3 years!!! It was part of her reward system and I have to follow through. Then when she returns to school, in September, she’s dying it Light Purple. At least it’s temporary dye. I told her she couldn’t come home with a bull ring in her nose. She almost pierced her own nose behind my back. She told me that she went half way and got chickened out. Sigh!!! Let’s just say that parenting her now has been a huge struggle lately. It becomes an issue of picking your battles. If I let her win on the hair issue, then she’ll relax on some more important stuff. If you were in my shoes you’d understand. Let’s just say I’m jealous of your easy going preteens.

  4. Sweetpea. She looks like a sweetpea! 🙂 I love peeking into the lives of my blog friends, Laura. Decor posts or not, I feel like I get to know them a wee bit more which is so nice. Your summer sounds so perfect so far, and the photos of you with your darling daughters were just adorable. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  5. oh i love sweet-pea! i second that!
    as for making your blog personal i think a blogger should blog what they like. if people dont like it they dont have to read it. i think you should be thankful that people dont comment as much on personal posts, ive heard too much about negative comments and hurt feelings. blogging should be for yourself, period. the blog world has become so competitive and jealousy filled. just do what you do. in the end you have to live with yourself. and hopefully those who appreciate what you do are enough.

  6. When I hear ‘Blondie’ I think of my years of reading the comic strip ‘Blondie & Dagwood’. I love it. Has she ever seen this comic?