Can I Squeak In One More Summer Post?

I know, it is time to move on, even my kids are back in school at this point.

But, if you will bare with me…one more summer post.

What I learned on our vacation…

LBI Vacation

1. That it is worth it to take time to watch the sun set over the bay and then rise over the ocean.

I did no editing to these photos – God is just that good.

LBI Vacation

2. I thought it would be hard and a challenge to get them up (by them, I really mean me) – but there really were no issues.

 LBI Vacation

3. We have a lot of traditions as part of our vacation at the beach – this one may now be added.

 LBI Vacation

4. My anxiety issues have nothing to do with heights.  Earlier this year when we went to Boston, I started to climb up the Bunker Monument, but had to turn around.  The lighthouse has windows, open grate stairs and natural light.  My issues are only with dark enclosed spaces with no visible exits, that all.

However, if I do move to the side to let a group go the other direction, please don’t push me against the wall and then let another 1,700 people pass because at certain point I will have to explain that it is in your best interest to allow me to keep moving.

LBI Vacation

5. Your legs really hurt the day (or three) after climbing all of the stairs briskly.

6.  I never knew that I needed a watering can garden.  Now I know that I do.

 LBI Vacation

7. Please see number 6 and add a purple painted fence and an awesome secret garden.

 LBI Vacation

8. Between the three of us, we wore a lot of bracelets.

 LBI Vacation

9.  After over 20 years of never being willing to wait in the long lines – it was totally worth it.  And I learned something very important.  I love chowder ( no wait, I already knew that – wait for the learning part).  I always debate over getting Manhattan or New England because I love them both.  No matter which one I get, I wish I had gotten the other.  Yup, sometimes I am hard to please.   Turns out this place does what I have always dreamt about – mixes the two!  Heaven in a bowl.  Actually the don’t mix them, they sort of place the New England in the Manhattan so experience them both.  Perfection.  Oh, and there is bacon.  Yum.

This is definitely being added to the “traditions” list.

 LBI Vacation

10.  This was the Summer of Sisters – they got along so well and took such good care of each other this summer.  No worries though, now that we are back into the school mode everything is as it always was (which by the way is miles better than my sister and I were by these ages – so for that I am thankful).  It was just nice to see them extra close for awhile.

 LBI Vacation

 LBI Vacation LBI Vacation

11.  When you ride along all week with  your daughter on a tandem bike, you have the best conversations.  And you have a heck of time getting a picture of her with her eyes open.

 LBI Vacation

12.  This is where I want to hang out next year.  Bright blue house, awesome Chevy truck and a VW Bug with flowers.  Groovy.  Oh, and they are right on the ocean.

 LBI Vacation

13. When you go down to the beach for one last run on the boogie boards and you are told by the lifeguards they are not allowed that day because the water is too rough, it really is time to go home.

 LBI Vacation

14. But just to make yourself feel better, you should stop by and get the 1/2 and 1/2 chowder (which by the way is called “The Jersey”) to go for the ride home.

 LBI Vacation

15. The reality is summer vacation is great – down time, together time, beach time.  But then it is okay to get back to regular life.  That way you can be ready for it again next year!

Thanks for reading and that officially ends any summer themed posts for 2012!

Over and out.

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8 thoughts on “Can I Squeak In One More Summer Post?”


  1. What a wonderful Summer… no wonder you aren’t ready to let go! Love the Summer freckle-face pics of the girls in the hoodies.
    So cute. Just sweet. A lovely tribute to Summer post.

  2. It’s so sad to bid summer farewell, isn’t it? But it looks like you took advantage of the sunny skies and warm weather! What great memories you must have! And what gorgeous sunsets!!! I don’t know about you, but I am a wee bit ready to turn the page to cool, crisp autumn days and pulling on my jeans and sweater again. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  3. Hello! I just found your blog thru pinterest and so thankful that I did…love it.. I was wondering if you made the bracelets or purchased can you share any info about them. I look forward to being a follower 🙂