Busy as a bee…

We have been very busy around these parts, getting ready for our upcoming sale, re-doing Blondie’s room and photographing the first floor to finally put up on the blog.  Of course, if we actually had some sun in these parts, the photographing part would be a lot easier!

Anywho, while we work on finishing up some projects, I did change out our kitchen chalkboard.  It is put together with a vintage frame found at a garage sale and a piece of MDF cut down to size covered in chalkboard contact paper.  Easy peasy.


I used a large bowl to make the circle, then surrounded it with the word “bloom” repeated in a patterned border.  I wanted to create the look of almost like a simple wreath.  I use chalk ink pens, love them! 

Then I added a scalloped detail on the inside of the circle.  The quote in center was inspired from here, one of my all time favorite inspiration catalogs for clothing, jewelry and home.


And of course, since I am all about the “shine” these days, I added that as well.


We are on spring break here this week, I am not feeling great, and we have a whole lot church this week with it being Holy Week and all, so you may not see much of me for a few more days. 

When I am back I will hopefully full of lots of goodies.

I will be checking in from time to time on my Twitter and Facebook pages if you want to see some “sneak peeks” on Blondie’s room.

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7 thoughts on “Busy as a bee…”


  1. Love the chalk board! I too love chalk pens, but a word of warning, they do not erase easily (at least on my board they leave an imprint, even after washing). Oh well, good thing I like my little F monogram on my board =P

  2. Saaaweet chalkboard, Laura! Never heard of chalkboard contact paper NOR chalk ink pens! Thanks for the scoop!!!! And have a blessed Easter holiday! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  3. Hi darling, I love your chalkboard!! SO pretty. I hope you are having a good week and I know you are busy and not feeling so great but take some time for you, ok? We will see you when you get back. Off to see your face book page for a sneaky peak!! 🙂 Happy Easter!!

  4. I love chalkboards of all kinds! I may have missed it, but did you mention what you used for the circle? did you paint it on? or use the chalk ink for that? Lots of work to not be permanent! 🙂
    great job, catching you next week @ ccc