Boo and Woo Hoo!

I have seen bloggers sum up an event or time period by listing “highs” and “lows” and I have always enjoyed them, so I thought I would do something similar today, except, I would do “Boo!” and “Woo Hoo!” to put my own spin on it.  So here it goes.

Boo – my Step-dad was in the hospital for three days.

Woo Hoo! – he is fine and all of our worries were put to rest.

Woo Hoo – since he was in the hospital in NJ, once I found out he was okay, I made a quick trip to the local Anthropologie – a place I never get to go!  I came home with some beautiful treasures including this set of measuring cups.

I phone January download 189

Woo Hoo – since he was fine, I could go on my weekend away with my girlfriends, aka My Betties.

Woo Hoo – my husband rocks and had no issue with me disappearing for 48 hours.

Boo – the car ride was long and my tush hurt.

Woo Hoo – we all arrived there about ten minutes apart and the fun began!  I would love to show you pictures, but they might kill me, so I will just tell you we came up with our own version of Headbanz.  You know the kids came where you have a word on your head, and your friends give you clues to help you guess what is on your head.

Woo Hoo – we met in Mystic, CT since it was a central location for us.  Julie, one of my Betties, has a friend with a house there who SO generously let us stay there.  The good news was she left us important rules to follow for the morning.

I phone January download 232

Boo – we woke up to a whole lot of snow and slippery roads.  We probably should have stayed at the house, but we really didn’t have a full understanding how bad the roads were, but we ventured out to Homegoods anyway.  Probably not our best idea.

Woo Hoo – after Homegoods, we headed to downtown Mystic to hit the shops.

Boo – Most of the stores were closed due to the snow.

Woo Hoo – when one can’t shop – the next best thing?  Have a drink and appetizers at a really fun restaurant.

Woo Hoo – when one meal isn’t enough, go out again later for an even yummier meal.

I phone January download 212

Sorry Julie – I tried to get rid of the red eye – but it made you look possessed!  Sorry my iPhone takes crappy pictures.

Woo Hoo – we wrote a Betty Bucket List.

Woo Hoo – we already crossed one item off of the list.  Sing Karaoke together.  There is a video, of which I will not torture you with.  I tried to get a screen grab, but we really didn’t stay still long enough to do so.  I will tell you this, we picked a great spot for our first time.  A small New England crowd, lots of people younger than us, and even a group quite a bit older than us – but everyone was there to have fun and encourage each other.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, we “sang” Sweet Home Alabama.

Woo Hoo or a Boo? – not sure if was good or bad, but a girl tried to recruit us to join their local roller derby team.  I am going with it was good because we looked like we knew how to have a good time as opposed to it looking like we would be good at knocking people over.

Boo – the next morning was spent cleaning up, packing up, shoveling snow and saying goodbye.

Woo Hoo – the ocean was so beautiful as we left.

ocean view

Woo Hoo – I have the greatest friends, Betties, a girl could ever ask for.

Betty weekend 097

Thanks for reading and I hope your week is starting off great!

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9 thoughts on “Boo and Woo Hoo!”


  1. Miss you already Betty!!! Thanks for only posting the nice photos 🙂 Time to play YOUR b-day so we can celebrate the great BBF (best BETTIES forever) that WE could ask for. Love you!!!

  2. OH MY GOD!!! I know Jackie!! I have been reading your blog for a while now and was scr0lling through your latest post and I see Jackie! SO, so funny. She is my sister’s neighbor and my nephews are friends with her boys. Scary small world! You’ll have to tell her Mary’s sister Jeannie left a comment! I’m going to hop on her blog and let her know too! HAHA

  3. It looks like you had more woo hoos than boos, which is very good! I am so happy that you had a wonderful time and you all look gorgeous! I would take it as a woo hoo for the roller derby too. 🙂

  4. The ocean is always beautiful, to me. Glad you had fun. 🙂

    Still working on my “betties” – Washington DC is such a transient place, it is hard to make and keep friends here. So all of my really good friends are out west. 🙁