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Old Fashioned Recipe - Maple & Cider Cocktail - Finding Home Farms

Maple & Cider Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

We've put our own modern spin on this old-time favorite... allow us to introduce you to our very own Maple & Cider Old Fashioned! As maple farmers from the Hudson Valley, we thought, why not experiment with two things we love for this cocktail creation: organic maple syrup and local apple cider.
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Maple Martini - Vodka Cocktails with Maple Syrup

Mason Jar Maple Martini

This time of year, throughout the northeast of the United States and Canada, the skylines are dotted with tall galvanized smoke stacks sending out billowing smoke and calling out a beautiful message‚ "Today, we are making sugar."   And in backyards and driveways throughout the same area, people like us, have made their own version of a "Sugar Shack". And the smell. There are no words to fully describe the smell of being right in the sugar steam. We spend our time by the fire plotting all the ways we can use syrup, besides on pancakes. Halfway-there syrup" ends up...

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Maple Cocktail Recipe

Creamy Mapletini Martini

  It has long been known that we are crazy for maple syrup. We make it. We sell it. We eat it. We drink it. My hubby's family has always put it on snow, which is just what is sounds like, hot maple syrup poured over fresh snow (but with a whole bunch of specific steps and temperature readings). It ends up being much like a cross between candy and ice cream. It is delicious and something everyone loves. I don't know about your, but I LOVE ice cream. It is my weakness in the sweets department. I decided to...

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Maple Cidertini - CockTail Recipe with Maple Syrup

Maple Cidertini

  I have just returned home from a fun weekend away at The Chapel Market (more on that soon!). It was so fun and my first chance to introduce our maple syrup face to face with people (shopping coming real soon, I promise!). It only seemed fitting to cap off that weekend by sharing a maple cocktail with you that is perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving season and beyond - a Maple Cidertini. Even better, I am also sharing 6 holiday cocktails from my friends. And as with most things, I think they should be amazing and still be simple...

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