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Old Fashioned Recipe - Maple & Cider Cocktail - Finding Home Farms

Maple & Cider Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

We've put our own modern spin on this old-time favorite... allow us to introduce you to our very own Maple & Cider Old Fashioned! As maple farmers from the Hudson Valley, we thought, why not experiment with two things we love for this cocktail creation: organic maple syrup and local apple cider.
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Maple Martini - Vodka Cocktails with Maple Syrup

Mason Jar Maple Martini

We first discovered Maple Martinis on a weekend getaway for our anniversary in Lake Placid. We had spent a day biking, shopping and eating. We ended our night at a sweet little inn on the lake and saw a maple martini on the menu. Hubby fell head over heals in love and we decided to then create our very own. Hope you enjoy!
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Maple Cocktail Recipe

Creamy Mapletini Martini

It has long been known that we are crazy for maple syrup. We make it. We sell it. We eat it. We drink it. I don't know about you, but I LOVE ice cream. It is my weakness in the sweets department. I decided to try to figure out a way to bring the amazing taste of maple syrup and ice cream to a martini. Introducing, the Creamy Mapletini Martini!
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Maple Cidertini - CockTail Recipe with Maple Syrup

Maple Cidertini

An undeniably tasty and refreshing drink. Allow me to introduce you to our Maple Cidertini! It's simple, yet so satisfying. Enjoy!
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