Real Maple Syrup, Real Love - Our Cups of Hope Are Overflowing

There will be many books and shows and movies written about the year 2020. For us at Finding Home Farms, we are simply thankful and grateful to be here with our family, friends, and with you. We are thankful and grateful to be writing this post as we have completed yet another sugaring season so we can continue to produce real maple syrup for you.


Finding Home Farms Organic Maple Syrup Tap


2020 brought about a lot of lessons and in effect, quite a few changes for us as a business. We are always doing our best to continue to learn, progress, and improve, and if last year taught us anything, it is that if you are blessed and presented with a chance at a fresh start, sometimes that is exactly what you need. At the same time, we continue to stay true to who we are in terms of our values and products because creating pure maple syrup is as pure as it gets for us. And right now, our cups are full of optimism and overflowing with hope.

A Maple Syrup Brand Tapping for The Future

As a small business, we feel fortunate to have made it through the trying times of 2020. We are so thankful for the support from all of our fans, partners, and customers. April is considered the ‘Month of Hope’ and that is truly how we feel at the moment.

A bright spot for us in 2020 was being awarded the Good Food Product of The Year and Gold sofi™ Winner for our Rye Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup product! We worked alongside our neighbors at Orange County Distillery to produce this unique and bold syrup. It’s local flair and rich taste provides feelings of comfort and satisfaction for any of your food creations! We are so proud of this product and our partnership with OC Distillery and it speaks to our culture as we continue to pave forward.

Rye Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup - Finding Home Farms & Orange County Distillery

We are positioning ourselves to be a maple syrup brand that will continue to stand the test of time and anything mother nature throws at us. It was an odd sugaring season this year coming off of an odd year, but we continue to produce and bottle our organic maple syrup for you as I write this. We have made our shipping process more efficient and brought it back in-house, we are decreasing our carbon footprint by using more sustainable packaging, we have launched a new, more modern website, forming new relationships and strengthening old ones, and we are always striving to improve any sustainability practices.

Always Striving for The Best Maple Syrup & Soy Candles

We have high hopes for a healthy and successful 2021 and are looking forward to playing a role in creating inspiration for you. Our grade A maple syrup and soy wax candles are here to help you find comfort, joy, and will allow you to feel more at home in this new year. When you buy maple syrup from Finding Home Farms or purchase any of our soy candles such as our Cedar Lakes Estate Collection, it is our goal that our offerings bring you hope. From all of us at Finding Home Farms, we wish you all the best and that your own cups will be overflowing with positivity for many months and years to come.