Recently how I shared with how I never met a (reasonably priced) old toolbox I didn’t like – and then want to bring home with me.

Well, the same could be said for galvanized buckets.

And I found myself with a whole bunch of them.

One day I was moving them around in the garage, and an idea struck.

They would make the perfect outdoor Christmas tree!

And so I gathered them all up, realized I needed just one more – which I found from a lovely lady at a fun little shop. Scooped it right off her front porch – so it could go on my own porch.

I had different plans for the topper, but then as I put it all together, the galvanized scoop I had planned to put around it, seemed the perfect way to top it off.

galvanized Christmas Tree Topper

And so a grapevine wreath was filled with a galvanized container and some greenery and hung on the door.

My wood holder was moved to the other side to hold some old skates, keep a pretty vintage sled company and be lit by more candles.

So although this idea may not be for everyone (the cable guy was very intrigued last week!), I personally think it makes for the perfect entrance to our home and our toolbox tree!

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