Farmshouse-Style-Window-Trim When we bought this house 15 years ago, it was the epitome of "builder's grade". It was a beautiful home and it had been so good to our family, but little by little we started to notice a few things we wanted to change. Truthfully, it all started with the window trim. Actually, the lack of. We just had a low quality pine sill and the windows were just framed out with drywall. We were ready to change to a farmhouse style trim. Living-Room-Fall-Decorating-Ideas In the ultimate story of the "domino effect", just changing the trim lead to us changing pretty much all of the finishes in the house. Because why would you upgrade the window and not work on the floors? And while we are doing the floors, doesn't it just make sense to do the stairs? And so on and so on... We have had a lot of questions from readers on the details and measurements of our window trim, and some how I am just getting around to sharing today. And, we have one reader who has been patiently waiting for this information for weeks. Sorry! Fall-Dining-Room-Decorating copy Now, I do need to make a disclaimer first. I found a picture in a magazine (you know, before Pinterest) and I had held on to it for years. I showed it to our talented contractor and he came up with the specifics. My description here are not that of a professional, just as a homeowner happy with her farmhouse trim. Farmhouse-Window-Measurements All of our windows are the same height, but there are some variations on the width. The kitchen windows represent the most common sizes, so I am starting there. A - 31.5" B - 63" Farmhouse-Trim-Measurements The top trim is a combination of a essentially three pieces, a larger top molding, a flat board and then a smaller bottom molding. The area marked "C" is the setback of what was originally the drywall and our contractor stacked it out where that piece met the front facing piece. C - 4.25" D - 3.5" E - 1" F - 4.5" G - 2.25" Farmhouse-Style-Trim The bottom trim is made up of two flat pieces, notched out at the sides. The top edge of "I" is angled off. H - 3.5" I - 5.5" J - 3.5" And there you have it, a simple and classic design for farmhouse style trim. I hope I have answered all of your questions, but please feel free to let me know if you have more. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
October 26, 2015 — Laura Putnam