DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
With Valentine's day coming close, I thought I would share one of my favorite projects once again!
Usually, when I share about a DIY project on here, it is something that Hubby and I do together. But this one, I mentioned I wanted to try and figure it out how to make some rustic wood letters – and he just went and did it.
Actually, he made two sets. One to try and work out the angles and then one with the salvaged wood we still have from my Grandfather’s cottage. I am quite sure my Dad never expected me to come up with so many projects from the old house.
Some girls like jewelry – my man knows the way to my heart is through rustic wood yumminess. And how fitting are the X’s and O’s?
DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
In truth, Hubby did all the cuts and then had to go out of town, so I put them together. This is where you do as I say – not as I did. I was impatient so I worked with what I had. YOU should purchase 8 simple flat brackets to connect each piece. You should also drill pilot holes so as to not split the wood like I did. I think it just adds to rustic character, no?
The angles to make the “O” are all at 22.5 degrees. Just make the side pieces longer to get the full shape. This is not a full on tutorial, as I am sure you have figured out, it is more of a guide on how to approach creating your own.
DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
The X is just two pieces, with the back side of one routed out partially to allow for the other piece to lay flatter. Two screws from the back hold it together.
DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
For the smaller ones, he used new scrap wood. The X follows the same process and the cuts for the O’s are the same. I started to add glue to the O and was planning on adding brackets – but the wood glue held great. So, I place it on a piece of wax paper so it wouldn’t stick to any surface, glued all the joints and left it till morning. It worked great.
DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
To paint the unfinished letters, I used spare paint I had around. I started with a gray blue. Then dry brushed on a mossy green and then dry brushed on a coppery brown. Simple and blends in with the salvaged wood well.
DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine
A simple, yet rustic addition to my mantel – perfect for Valentine’s day. However, the same principals can be applied to almost any letter. I see more words in my future.
And thanks to my sweet Valentine. XOXO to you!
The chalkboard tutorial can be found here. If you would like to see our other reclaimed rustic wood DIY projects, you can visit here.
Wishing you all a great day and thanks for reading.