A Family Tradition

Organic Maple Farmers - Generations Strong at Finding Home Farms

Did you know that it takes thirty to forty years for a maple tree to develop enough to tap? Just like the seeds of the trees that we tap now were planted long ago, the foundation of our story started long ago as well. Our owner Dana, is at least a fourth generation maple farmer, on both sides of his family.  These previous generations have provided the foundation to build what is now Finding Home Farms.

Finding Home Farms - Dana Putnam Organic Maple Syrup NY


Finding Home Farms is a maple farm located in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. Not only are we a small business, we are a women-owned small business that has its roots quite literally in the forests that surround us. But, the roots run much deeper and a bit further than our current Sugarhouse location in Greenville, NY.

If you are familiar with us, you may know a little bit about my husband Dana. He grew up in New Hampshire (where we met in college) and you know that he comes from a long line of talented and passionate maple farmers. Dana learned the values of hard work and how to produce delicious pure maple syrup from his grandfather and father in New England. Dana grew up tapping trees, gathering the sap, and boiling it to create maple syrup. A tradition and process he completely fell in love with.

Fast forward a couple decades and drive a little bit south and west, and now we're operating as an organic maple syrup farm in Orange County New York. Dana has and always will be so proud of his family’s traditions and we are so grateful that he has continued to share the passions with us, his family, and now you, our extended Finding Home Farms family.

Finding Home Farms Organic Maple Syrup & Soy Candles

Dana’s knowledge, values, and dedication towards the craft of maple syrup in combination with my love for home decor and interior design have led to our modern take on a small family-owned business. Creating DIY projects, gardening, and cooking up some recipes have always been a big focus of mine with my girls and are values that have certainly paved a path for who we are. Naturally, our girls also grew up learning the trade of tapping trees and boiling to produce 100% organic maple syrup. Generations of passion and traditions are as sweet as it gets.

Using our history to our advantage along with modern technologies, it is our mission to produce the best maple syrup and soy candles possible. We want to create unique and flavorful maple syrup that is good for you and will leave you wanting more. Add in soy wax candles, pantry items, and home decor products and inspiration, we are here to gather the perfect ingredients to help you create a welcoming home.

Creating Your Own Traditions

Our family traditions and values have blessed us with producing some delicious maple syrup, including our award-winning Rye Barrel-Aged maple syrup and beloved collection of soy candles. We have been able to create our own as well as continue generations of traditions so we hope our story and products will inspire you to begin traditions of your own with family and friends.