Your Home Should Tell YOur Story


I love our whole home, but something about our living room is so welcoming to me.  When I need a minute to myself, or to read, or maybe even to close my eyes for a second (which means the phone will ring, the dog will bark or the doorbell will ring), my living room is where I go.


From the prints on the wall that were a wedding present, to the painted side table found at a yard sale, to our first “real sofa”, to our treasured vintage chandelier and to the family pictures, this room is truly a reflection of me and my family.


I believe that it is in surrounding ourselves with the things we love and that tell a story – our story - that we find comfort.  And it is in that comfort that we are able to welcome our friends and family into our home.

Our home is pretty, at least I think so, but it is approachable.  It is a place where shoes are removed not because of worrying about getting dirt on the floors, but so that feet can be comfortably pulled up on the couch to get comfortable.

I believe creating a home is about creating a space that reflects your family and it is where you – and those you love – feel most comfortable.

Creating comfort in your home continually grows and deepens with time – but there are a few things that you can do jump start that feeling in your home.

- Include family photographs – including candid shots of causal moments.  I love catching memories of the everyday moments along with all of the big occasions.

- Incorporating vintage items is always a key component in my book.  Regardless of your style, from traditional to modern, vintage items make your home unique and have a great story to tell.

- Part of a welcoming home, both to your own family and to guests, is to keep it organized and clean.  I am always trying to figure out better ways to keep us organized as our lives change.  The reality is, cleaning and organizing are kind of like a diet – there is no secret, you just have to do it.  But, I believe in making it as simplified as possible.  The Endust family of cleaning products provide many options to make cleaning quick and effective – so you can move to the fun stuff.

- I am always moving things around.  A vase or a tray in one room, will take on a whole new look in a new use in another room.  Don’t think something has to stay somewhere forever once you place it there – don’t be afraid to move it.

- The main upholstered pieces in our home are neutral.  This allows me to change things up seasonally.  Simple changes like a table runner, throw pillows and throw blankets can bring in a new color palette and feeling for each season.

The key to letting your home tell your story is not get overwhelmed with all the style inspiration available at our fingertips.  There are so many styles and design ideas I absolutely love – but I don’t bring them all into my home.  I am not afraid to try new things, but I stay true to the style of our home and our family.

Let your home truly be a reflection of your style and your story.