DIY Vintage Door Vanity Desk for a Teen

DIY Vintage Door Vanity Desk for a Teen

Slowly, but surely, we have been working on my younger daughter's room. I must admit, when we started, she was still a "tween" and she is now officially a teen....
Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating - Vintage Door Table Runner

Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating - Vintage Door Table Runner

Hello friends, I am back with a quick & easy 10 minute decorating idea – a vintage door table runner. I started this series a few months ago because sometimes,...
Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall

After all the Christmas decorations came down, I have left most of the home un-decorated and simple.

But, slowly, I have been pulling together a corner at a time – and this week, I worked on a corner in our dining room by creating a vintage door plate wall.

I used French cleats to hang the door and an assortment of methods for hanging the plates.  But honestly, the hardest part was picking the plates.  I originally thought I was going to do a more formal display with transferware.  As I started to pull it together, I found myself gravitating towards the more quirky options.

Hence, the odd little fish glue to the white plate…

It reminds me of a good friend, and makes me giggle – and isn’t that what we should do in our homes?

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Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solutions - DIY Door Shelf

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Today I am sharing an idea for bathroom storage solutions.

This is the shared bathroom for my 11 and 12 year old daughters. There is no natural light (which is also why the pictures are a little wonky!), there is no room for a piece of actual furniture, there are no drawers in the double sink vanity and the plumbing takes up so much room there is very little storage underneath.

Add to the equation that we really do not have a linen closet to speak of.  Tween girls come with a lot of hair items, potions and lotions – and they all need a place to go.

When I saw this shelving unit, I knew we had found our solutions.

Bathroom Storage Solutions


It had a lot of storage possibility, but didn't take up a lot of room.  I love the rustic wood, and I might make it like this someday.  The style of this room, however, called for a painted finish.

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