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Another Summer Mantel

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10 Minute Decorating - Chalk Marker Galvanized Maple Bucket

I am a big fan of decorating that I love and that can be done in 10 minutes or less. I love it so much that I started a whole...
My New Love - Terra Cotta Pots

My New Love - Terra Cotta Pots

I am totally smitten and in love with terra cotta pots. It started last year when we went to Italy. Where we were staying had these amazing and huge terra...
DIY Tray with Peel & Stick Wallpaper

DIY Tray with Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Hello friends! Today, I have an easy and quick project that you can customize exactly as you would like it. And, as I am writing this, I realize if fits...
Simple Spring Flower Centerpiece - 10 Minute Decorating

Simple Spring Flower Centerpiece - 10 Minute Decorating

I have been off my "decorating game" lately, so I decide the best place to start was with a 10 Minute Decorating Idea, and I think it might be one...
Decorating Ideas for Christmas

10 Ten Minute Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I started the ten minute decorating series because I realize sometimes, that is all we have time for. Especially as we are at this point in the year when we...
Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

10 Minute Christmas Decorating Idea - Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

I have been wanting to do this project for 2 weeks and I just made it a priority to get it to done today. And when I say it took...
Christmas Ideas

10 Minute Christmas Ideas - Snow Globe Village Centerpiece

It is that time again, 10 Minute Ideas, and this time it is for the holidays. I know I jumped ahead over Thanksgiving, but I figured you likely already have...

Christmas / Advent Tag Ornaments - Free Printable

Are you like me and before you know it, it is December 1st and you really really meant to put together an Advent calendar? More times than not, that has...
Simple Fall Flower Arrangement

Simple Fall Flower Arrangement

Yesterday, I was out running errands with my girls and stopped in a few places to find some fall decorations. When it was all said and done, I came home...