Home-Depot-Right-Tool-For-The-Job Our home office is a multi-functional space and we needed a place for our daughters to do their homework.  We decided to custom build a desk on a slanted wall area to use the space most effectively.  Since we are not custom woodworkers, we planned the project using basic construction techniques.  The basic construction of the project is boxes, stock cabinets on the sides and plywood tops pulling it all together. Armed with the right tools for the job, we were able to create a beautiful and custom piece for the space.  Doing custom DIY projects does not have to mean complicated tools – it just means having the RIGHT tool for the job. Built-In-Desk-Measurements A – 18 x 34.5 x 24 base cabinet (unfinished) B – 30” h x 13” w x 24” d C – 10.5” h x 22” w x 12” d D – 10” h x 41” w x 10.5” d E – 12” h x 13” w x 12” d F- 30” h x 1/2” w x 27.5” d G – 96” x 2” x 4” H – 3/4” h x 22.5” w x 32.25” d I – 3/4” h x 96” w x 32” d We created our desk to fit the measurements of our space.  The same principals could be applied to create a desk to fit to a space in your home.  If you would like to complete this project, here are the right tools for you to get the job done. Kreg Mini Jig Pocket Hole Kit & Pony 3 in. Corner Clamp To begin with, we created boxes for the center support and the top compartments.  They were all built with 1/2” plywood and backed with 1/4” plywood.  There were two main tools we used to build the boxes, the Kreg Mini Jig Pocket Hole Kit and the Pony 3 in. Corner Clamp. The corner clamp allowed us to create perfect right angles and the Kreg Jig gave us a method of connecting the corners with a strong hold.

kreg and clamp

Ryobi 18-Volt 1+ Lithium-Ion Drill Kit

A drill kit is the main tool component of this project.  It was used in conjunction with the Kreg Jig, for attaching everything to the wall and assembling everything together.  The Ryobi 18-Volt 1+ Lithium-Ion Drill Kit is the perfect cordless drill for getting this project done.  It has a long run time and a lighter weight to make the project even easier.

ryobi drill


Husky 20 oz. Steel Rip Hammer

All of the cabinets and plywood were fronted with simple trim attached with brad nails.  A hammer like the Husky 20 oz. Steel Rip Hammer will get the job done.


 Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer Kit

Once all the boxes were built, we sprayed everything out with a the Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer Kit.  Instead of brushing on the finish, we were able to get a smoother and much harder finish with the sprayer to withstand the wear and tear of desk use.  It was also super easy to use.

paint sprayer

 Milwaukee 25ft Magnetic Tape Measure

You will need to tape out and plan your desk layout on the floor and wall and ensure that it is centered.  The Milwaukee 25ft Magnetic Tape Measure is super durable, double sided and long enough for any space.  It also has a finger protection mechanism so that you do not get cut when the tape retracts.  Since I once sliced open my finger at a client’s home – this is my favorite feature.

tape measure

Zircon Corporation e50 Stud Finder & Husky 48 in. Aluminum Box Level The first step of assembling the desk is to attach a 2 x 4 to the back wall, level, at the right height and attached at studs.  The main sheet of plywood is then attached to this from the underside.  The Zircon stud finder quickly and easily locates the studs to drill into.  Having a 48in. level made sure that we were 100% level in all directions. stud finder and level copy Milwaukee Screw Driver Set (8-Piece) When it was all pulled together, we added hardware to front drawers.  Having a screw driver set with multiple size options to fit screw heads as well as tight spaces always makes the project easier. screwdrivers We are so proud of our completed project and it has already been used a ton for our daughters.  I think it is a great example that anyone can take on a project like this to make custom furniture for your home.  All it takes is planning, patience, elbow grease and the right tools. Built-In-Desk-Home-Office For additional details of how we built this desk, you can visit here.  If you would like to find out more information about must-have tools for every homeowner, visit here.