Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

Today, I thought we would visit one of my favorite projects perfect for this time of year.

I made my first attempt at pounding the tar out of vintage silverware (larger serving utensils), stamped them and attached them to a vintage baby carriage wheel frame.

To attach them I used liquid nails.

Hubby found a hard plastic tube (at the hardware store), drilled a hole, ran a screw with a bolt and a few spacers.

Then we put it in our flower garden.

It is perfect to get us through the fall when the flowers are reaching their end, but our whirligig will still stand tall.

Vintage Silverware whirligig

A daily reminder of a lesson that sometimes can be hard to remember.

Trust in…

vintage silverware whirligig

the Lord…

vintage silverware whirligig

with all…

 vintage silverware whirligig

your heart…

 vintage silverware whirligig

and He…

 vintage silverware whirligig

shall direct…

vintage silverware whirligig

your paths.

vintage silverware whirligig

Proverbs 3:5-6

 vintage silverware whirligig

It fit just right on just the right number of spokes.

A personal favorite of mine.

Ivintage silverware whirligig

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