Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies – and Keeping it PRetty


I have a long standing love affair with vintage tool boxes.

It goes back many years to when I first discovered my grandfather’s old toolbox that my mother keeps in her home.  Every time I went on a vintage treasure hunt, I was always drawn to old tool boxes with character and often with initials carved into them from the previous owner.

So it only makes sense that when I went to organize all of my cleaning supplies, I used a perfectly weathered old wooden toolbox.  This one was less than pretty so I add a quick coat of aqua paint to brighten it up.  Organizing your cleaning tools doesn’t have to be boring and ordinary.

Any toolbox will do, it is just a matter of what suits your style.  I filled mine with all of Endust essentials, rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, a scrub brush and my easy formula for cleaning glass.  Keeping them all in one container and always storing it in the same place makes the task of cleaning that much easier.

When I finish a round of cleaning I throw my cleaning cloths through the wash.  When they are done, they go right back in the toolbox.  Anything I can do to cut down on effort and time spent cleaning is a bonus in my book.  Happy cleaning