Hannah Day 1 So, a few weeks ago, we got a puppy. And it wasn’t really all that planned. And the next day I totally freaked out. And wondered what in the heck we were thinking. Hannah-Banana When we got our sweet goofy Bailey Rose five years ago, I was so prepared. I mean, like crazy prepared. I had read every book, studied about what to feed her, how to train her and all the things I thought I was suppose to do as a dog mom. Bailey-Rose Thinking about it all the last few weeks, I realize, there aren’t many things I do without being prepared. There are almost no things I do without being sure about them. And this? I was the least sure I could possibly be. Hannah-and-Bailey And I think not being sure was just was I needed. Hannah Because when she crooks her head, plays with Bailey or snuggles with my girls, how can you not just fall in love with her. Welcome to the family Hannah. Sometimes we all need a puppy to shake things up a bit. And since I am guessing you might ask, she is, we think, a poodle mix with some sort of terrier in her. The dad was at the shelter too and he was a miniature poodle. Information on the mom is a little vague. She is super mellow and is finally learning to play, thanks to Bailey. So, we need your help. Bailey’s full name is actually Bailey Rose and my girls both love their pup having a middle name. We can not seem to come up with one that works for Hannah, other than banana. So, my older girl suggested we ask you! What should Hannah’s middle name be? Thanks so much for reading! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg