My Favorite Room...Finding Home

Hello sweet readers of Savvy Southern Style!  I am so thankful that Kim invited me to be here today.  I have long been a fan of Kim's style and her blog - as I am sure each of you are as well.

I am Laura of Finding Home

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When Kim asked me to tell you all about my favorite room, I was even more excited.  Nothing makes me happier than to tell the stories of my home.  To tell about the adventures of how I found a favorite vintage treasure or a weekend spent with girlfriend shopping for the perfect accessory.

And living in our home - those are the best stories - where all of life, good and bad, happens.

Finding Home Living Room

 My favorite room, although it is a tough choice, is my living room.

I know a lot of people who don't really use theirs, but we really do - especially me.

This room didn't always look this way, and has gone through several rounds of decorating.

When we first moved into our house, I tried to figure out a way for us to build built-in bookcases on the main wall – I always believed that was what belonged there.  Besides the fact that all of our books were in boxes in the basement 10 years after we moved in.


Although we are actually in the middle of a built-in project for our office, we had to admit we didn't have the time or the ability and it never happened - until we hired our amazing carpenter as part of our renovations.

finding home living room

Our home was a basic builder’s grade and served our family really well for 10 years. And now the changes serve our family really well now.

Now, our books have a place to live and be found. Our mementos have a place to be displayed and enjoyed.


We added two comfy chairs, and if you ever talk to me on the phone, chances are I am sitting in the one by the window while talking to you.

Finding Home Living Room View to Dining Room

And if this Momma ever needs a ten minute time out, it is usually spent under a blanket on our comfy sofa.

Finding Home Living Room Book Case

And when our girl’s come home from school, and something major happened – and there is a lot of that when you are 11 and 12 – they say, “Mom, can we go talk in the living room?”.

And I know that means, drop everything and give them my full attention.

finding home living room

And if Hubby and I need to talk through and attempt to solve all of life’s problems, it usually happens in this room.

finding home living room

And there is usually wine as well, because sometimes life’s problems call for wine.

All in all, our living room is a place that brings me comfort and solace.  It brings whispered conversations with little girls becoming young women.  And it is a refuge to sink in and figure life out.  This room is full of memories - where Christmas has been filled rocking horses and play vanities and where each day unfolds.

I thank so much and thank you Kim for allowing me to tell you all about my favorite room.  If you would like to see the rest of our home, you can visit here.