Living Happens In our Kitchen


 Photo Credit: Erin Witkowski |Eve's Wish Photography


  Photo Credit: Erin Witkowski |Eve's Wish Photography

Finding Home Kitchen - Endust

I liken home renovations to a line of dominoes – once you knock one down…well you know the drill.

When we started on our renovation journey, we were only going to add window trim, crown moldings and baseboards – the first domino.  The second domino was the flooring.  And while we were replacing the flooring, shouldn’t we work on a new layout in the kitchen so we could have a sit-down island?

I love everything about our renovations, but the sit-down island is my most favorite of all.  It has completely changed the way we live in our kitchen.  The saying that “the kitchen is the heart of the home” is so true.  And the heart of our kitchen is our island.

I love being able to prepare a meal, whether it be quick or elaborate, and have everyone right there with me.

I love just taking everything out of the fridge and putting it right on the counter to prepare things.

I love watching my girls now cooking for me – especially breakfast.  Blueberry muffins are their specialty.

I love just being able to take everything right off the island to put in back in the fridge, in the sink or in the dishwasher.

And even when no meal is involved, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Homework is done, newspapers are read, crafts are created and conversations are had.  So it is important to me that the kitchen is clean, organized and ready for text books and glitter alike.

My mother is the queen of clean in our family and she did not pass down her effortless talents.  So, I rely on quick, dependable and easy clean-ups like a cordless electric broom, a daily run dishwasher and Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner.  It is perfect for my stove and hood, my dishwasher and my sink.  It is perfect for removing dust, dirt and fingerprints.

And, the added bonus?  My sink looks so good you would think my mom was there and cleaned it!