DIY Furniture Projects

DIY-Furniture-Tutorials When I first started blogging, my plan was to share about decorating ideas.  As time went on, I found myself inspired more and more by other bloggers who were doing DIY projects.  My perspective changed and I began looking at things in a whole new light.  I realized I didn't have to overpay for furniture that didn't fully suit my needs.  Instead, I could build my own or adjust something existing to work for me. Now that the weather is slowly starting to warm up, I am getting itchy to get back out to our workshop and work on some new projects.  In the meantime, I thought I might share with you a bunch of DIY furniture projects to maybe inspire you to get started on something too.  Anyone can do DIY projects, it just takes a desire and a little bit of courage.  Oh, and being okay with things not always coming out perfect at first! Our first true DIY was this daybed for our daughter's room.  This was one that we really figured as we went along and in the end we loved it so much.  She has since switched to a larger bed, but the cushioned headboard and shelf now sit above her desk and works as a pin board. DIYDaybedTutorial.jpg One of my all time favorites is our easy built-in desk for our home office.  There was a lot of planning in this one and it came out nearly exactly as we planned it.  Woo hoo!  It is still used regularly and it gives a once unused space purpose. DIYSemiBuiltInDesk.jpg If you want a simpler build, you could create this DIY console table that was pretty quick to put together. DIYNarrowTable_thumb.jpg Of course, it doesn't have to be a big project, it could be as simple as painting a ticking stripe table. DIY-Ticking-Stripe-Painted-Table_edited-1 Or creating an outdoor coffee table out of a chicken coop. DIYOutdoorCoffeeTable.jpg Or updating your dining chairs by upholstering with oilcloth. Blackwhitepicniccheckupholsteredchair_thumb.jpg And if you want to do some more upholstering why not mix it up and create a nailhead trim upholstered table? NailheadUpholsteredSideTable_thumb.jpg Or even just take an old and tired piece of furniture and update it like this spray painted furniture project. Greenspraypaintedfurniture_thumb.jpg You can personalize a piece of furniture like this Sharpie Art Coffee Table. SharpiePaintPenScriptTable_thumb.jpg Or you could take a piece of storage furniture that was ugly and wasn't serving a purpose into turn it into a craft room storage cabinet. RibbonStorageCabinet_thumb.jpg And while we are on the topic of repurposing, I love the idea of purposing anything vintage.  One of my favorite projects is our upcycled vintage door beverage bar. DIYUpcycledBeverageBarStation_thumb.jpg You can also use doors to make desks. DIYVintageDoorDesk_thumb.jpg And repurposing can be simple as well like this repurposed galvanized side table.  Simple put an existing table top on a vintage barrel. DIYGalvanizedSideTableFH_thumb.jpg And a bonus project! Our most recent project is a vintage door turned into a vanity desk for our teen daughter. Teen-Vanity-From-Vintage-Door So there you have it.  I am looking forward to figuring out what we area going to work on next! Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1