Decorating-with-Books-Art-Covers_edited-1 Today was a gray and overcast day and I needed to bring in a bit of brightness and color. The timing was perfect because Ashley and Jamin of The Handmade Home challenged me and a group of bloggers to take art from their amazing books and do anything with it, except put it in a frame for the “Beyond the Frame Challenge”. I chose to turn to one of my favorites, decorating with books and I made art covers. If you are joining me from the previous stop, My Sweet Savannah, welcome. the_handmade_home_button You may remember when I told you about their books once before when I shared one of my 10 minute decorating ideas for interchangeable art. The books are a series of printed art that can be torn out and framed, or as we are sharing with you today – used in a whole bunch of other ways. There are a total of three books - Traditional Art, Contemporary Art and Eclectic Art. If you are interested in purchasing the books, click here! handmade-Walls-Idea-Books This project was super easy and falls in the 10 minute decorating category as well. I started with this boring set of books. Nothing wrong with them, I just wanted something a little brighter. Boring-Book-Covers On my home printer, I photocopied a few of the pieces of art and then simply used old school book covering skills. One of the books was a little tight, so I added a little tape on the inside cover to keep it tight. If you wanted to do a larger book, you could easily bring it to a copy shop and have them copy if for you on larger paper. Photo-Copy-Pages I am totally loving all three of these covers. These were all from the Traditional Home book. After I took the photos, they went right into my bookcase and are now such a pretty pop of color. Bookcover-Art_edited-1 The disco ball is a shout out to Ashley because I can not vouch if she is a disco queen or not, but I can vouch that she IS the disco BALL queen! Art-Book-Covers Now, head on over to Perfectly Imperfect to see what clever idea Shauna has come up with! Thanks so much for reading! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg
November 06, 2014 — Laura Putnam