Finding Home Christmas Mantel Heading wm

Last year I struggled with time and a lack of ideas for an Advent Calendar – it was something I really wanted to do.

So when I didn’t accomplish it, I decided I wanted to make it part of my mantel for this year.

And so, I began 2012 looking for a window with 24 panes.

And finally, in August – I found it –at one of my favorite local vintage haunts.

FH Christmas Mantel Advent Calendar 2

And so the window became the center point of my mantel – counting the days with a snowflake to the final day…

FH Christmas Mantel Candles

Once I had the window in place, I knew I want so stick with natural elements, greens and whites.

So I found some burlap candle holders (actually they were for fall, just pulled off the acorns and such) and filled mason jars with Epsom salt and candles (easiest idea ever and so pretty!).

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Candle wm

And I always like to pull in vintage items with a story – so I brought in my scout basket that is usually in our guest bedroom.

FH Christmas Mantel Evergreen Basket

The writing and name on it makes it perfection in my book.

Christmas Mantel Scout Basket

So I tied a burlap ribbon around it and filled it with two small evergreen potted trees and then filled in with some fake greenery.

I placed the doorknobs on skewers and set them in the dirt of the evergreens to add a little bit of sparkle.

FH Christmas Mantel Basket with greenery wm

And then I placed some additional greenery and doorknobs around it.

FH Christmas Mantel Doorknob

On the other side I added an old wooden maple bucket cover, more candles, pinecones and greenery.

I added little details like tying twine around each glass jar.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Advent Calendar

The drawing on the maple bucket lid was already there when I found it at a garage sale – just very faint. So I went over it with a white chalk pen so the beautiful drawing could be seen. You may remember it from last year’s mantel – it is one of my favorite things.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Evergreens

Later this week I will share more about how I made the window and what this little basket of envelopes is all about.

Christmas Mantel Envelope Basket wm

In front, I added a lemon cypress tree in a crock, some kindling in a burlap basket, a favorite little stool and some greenery and pinecones.

Christmas Mantel Pinecones

When the fire is still in use, I have my stove board in front – and it actually helps block some of the drafts.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel WM

The colors and the feel set the direction for the rest of the family room. I will share more on the family room soon as well.

Christmas Mantel in Family Room wm

I am lucky enough to say that all of these pictures were taken by the lovely Eve'sWish Photography | Erin Witkowski

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