Christmas Decorating Fireplace

This time of year, I find myself really thinking about Christmas from my childhood.

That feeling that was so tangible, the excitement – the fun – the lack of pressure!

Christmas Family Room at Finding Home

Now as an adult AND a parent – that changes.

Slowly, but surely there is a tangible change.

Christmas Sidetable

Now we are the adults – our lives are already busy, then you add all that comes with Christmas – well, you know what it is like.

But, for kids – it is still meant to be all about the fun. Right?

Christmas Angels

So imagine how I felt when I realized my 12 year old was seriously stressed about shopping for her friends for Christmas.

That just didn’t seem right.

In the end, she found a really sweet and appropriate idea (maybe we will share it here!) and the stressed melted away.

Christmas Noel Sidetable

But it was a little bit of a wake-up call for me to make sure that my “hustle and bustle” doesn’t take anything away from them.

FH Family Room Sidetable

I had thought about instilling a new rule in our house for this year, but I wasn’t sure if I would have the courage.

But now, I have decided I do.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Candle wm

Our tradition is that we go to church on Christmas Eve and then have my sister, parents, my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin for dinner on Christmas.

Finding Home Christmas Nativity

We all wear our Christmas best for church, of course.

And then in the morning, we open our stockings and presents.

FH Family Room Stocking

And then everyone rushes around to get dressed in the Christmas best again.

We hang out in our family room, all decked out for the day - so we should be decked out right?


Not this year.

Christmas Family Room Decorations

This year there will be a new option.

Christmas Natural Decorating


My mother may not like it, or maybe she will. And while my Aunt will find my girl’s cute in their jams, she may find it odd that I am in mine.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel WM rs

But that is okay – because the real goal is to have a relaxed Christmas, with all of us together, enjoying a nice meal and trying to focus on the REAL purpose of the holiday.

So, how about you, do you have a jammie option at your house?

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All of these photos were taken by the lovely Erin Witkowski of Eve's Wish Photography

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