Apple Candle Tablescape

I first made apple candles when I had my first apartment right after college and I think I have only done them a few times since.

But they have been on my mind again lately, so I thought I would try again for a simple and easy fall table.

Materials: Apples – preferably a softer type, paring knife, spoon, tea light candles and pencil.

apple candle tutorial

Step 1: Mark the shape of the candle on the apple with a pencil. It is really more of an imprint as opposed to actually leaving a line. Also, place it so that it is the center with the apple settled – don’t just go the center where the stem is – that may leave you with a crooked candle.

Apple Candle Tutorial for a Fall Table

Step 2: Use your paring knife to carefully cut the opening (make sure your hands are clean and you have a good hold). I found that if I kept going around, the center eventually came out after a few times. If not, a spoon can be used to scoop out the center. You may need to clean up the edges with your paring knife. Simply place the tea light in the opening.

apple candle cutting tutorial

Step 3: Gather up a tray and different items to group with the apple candles. I used pine cones, vintage crystal door knobs and Autumn Joy Sedum picked from my yard. I started with two pewter cups and a silver sugar bowl with no lid to put the candles at different heights. I first layered the pine cones, then the door knobs and finally filled in the the sedum.

This is what I have (not everyone has door knobs laying around) - just work with what you have and layer them together.

Apple Candle Centerpiece Prepping

In my book nothing is better than for a table setting to be easy, quick and pretty.

Using Apple Candles in a Fall Centerpiece

The less time spent “working” the more time spent enjoying a meal with loved ones!

Apple Candle Tablescape

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