6 Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

I spent the weekend visiting with friends and family in New Hampshire.

It is a long drive back and forth, but I find sometimes I come up with some of my best ideas when I am "half-asleep" in the car.  No worries, I wasn't driving!

Now that I am back, I am ready to go full speed forward with my Christmas decorations.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of vintage Christmas decorating ideas (or faux vintage!).

I am finding this year I have been enjoying a lot of DIY projects, but my heart is always with vintage.  As always, I love anything with a story and a history, and that is never more true than at Christmas time

I am quite sure several of these will be back in the mix this year, but I am also enjoying adding in a few DIY items.  You already saw my Advent calendar, wood slice wreath,  and a DIY reindeer.  I am still working on a really large chalkboard that we made and some ornaments.

But, I guess the first place to start - which is always the hardest, is to bring down all of the bins from the attic.  I am determined to keep things somewhat organized in the process this year.

Of course, the fact that I am hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday will really hold me to that!  At least, I hope it will.

Wishing you a great day and happy decorating.


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