5 Tips for Restoring Vintage furniture

5-Tips-for-Restoring-Vintage-Furniture Nothing makes me happier than finding an old forgotten piece of furniture.  A table or a chair that no one else can see the potential.  With a good cleaning or a coat of paint and some creativity, a once unloved piece can become a favorite once again. Here are some tips if you can see past the dirt and grime to find the diamond underneath: 1. If you find watermarks on stained wood, apply a coating of mayonnaise on the spot, cover with a paper towel.  Let it sit for about ten minutes and then clean up the mayonnaise. 2. If you choose to paint your treasure, take your time and don’t rush between coats.  To prevent having to clean your paint brushes between coats, wrap your brushes in plastic wrap or a in a sandwich bag and place them in the refrigerator away from any food. 3. If your brushes are dry or paint was left on them too long, try a nice long soak in white vinegar heated in the microwave. 4. If your treasure is full of musty odors, try filling drawers or spaces with baking soda or kitty litter for a few days. 5. To safely clean and maintain your stained and painted furniture without any waxy build-up use Endust Dust & Clean.