5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for Your Family

5-Tips-for-Organzing-Your-Home-for-Your-Family Every family is different, but I think there are universal elements in every family and every home.  Everyone is moving in and out, everyone is running on a different schedule and "extra time" doesn't really exist.   I know that in my house, if we don't get ourselves organized, our home gets chaotic quickly.  I also know that a little mess usually leads to a bigger mess.  I have learned that some basic routines can make things go much smoother in our home. Here are 5 tips for keeping your home clean and organized: 1. Create Paper Landing Zones - My kids bring home a ton of papers from school.  Add the mail to the pile and it builds up quickly.  So we have decided to create a system to keep it organized.  We have set a designated place for school papers to go – and nothing else can go there.  If they are in that spot, I know I haven’t look at it yet and they have to be sorted. Paper-Landing-Zone For mail, we place it on the kitchen island.  Before the day is out we do one sort.  First is to put the junk mail in the recycling.  Magazines and catalogs go in the reading bin and bills go in the bill file.  By going through it right away it prevents it from piling up too quickly and papers getting lost. 2. Bins for Clutter – We have set up a system for the clutter that gets left downstairs that should be upstairs.  From clothes to shoes, books to bags – we all leave things downstairs.  As I do a clean-up, I just put items in each person’s bin.  Or, when my kids clean up they have a place to gather it all in and bring it upstairs at once.  By having it clearly labeled, no one can claim they didn’t see it or know it was theirs! Organizing-clutter 3. Set up a Homework Station – Homework is stressful enough and with sports and activities the window for getting it all done can be small.  I have set up an old soda crate (but any bin or container would work) filled with all homework essentials. Homework-station Pens, pencils, sharpeners, scissors, glue, markers and colored pencils are all right in the kitchen on a side table.  Below is a container with loose leaf, blank paper and graph paper.  By having everything right there, they don’t need to pull everything apart looking for what they need.  And when all the work is done, having it right in front of them encourages them to draw for fun which is my favorite part. 4. Create a Bag and Coat Drop Zone – Whether it is a hall closet, hooks on a wall or a mudroom, have a clear drop zone for all school bags, sport bags and coats.  Having a small bins for hats and smaller items is helpful as well. coat-and-bag-dropzone Not only will having a set place prevent bags and coats from being everywhere it also prevents the morning chaos of not being able to find coats, hats and bags. 5. Set a Weekly Cleaning Rotation -  I never have a full day to commit to cleaning.  I have pockets of time here and there so I have to take it when I can get it.  I try to keep to a loose weekly plan.  Each day I try to fit something in - vacuuming, dusting, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  The hope is that by getting a little done each day, the weekends are not being spent cleaning. When I am looking for cleaning products, I am always looking for simple, quick and that really work.  Endust offers a whole group of products that meet that criteria.  Their wood floor cleaner could not be easier.  Just spray directly on the floor and mop or use a cloth to clean.  It dissolves dirty and sticky messes without leaving any residue. And how much do hate streaks and fingerprints on stainless steel?  Endust's stainless steel cleaner is one step for cleaning and leaving a protective streak-free shine. And my favorite is the multi-surface dusting and cleaning spray.  I can use it to clean and shine all of my wood furniture, my painted surfaces and even my cabinets and windowsills.   It doesn't get easier than that. Organized-cleaning-supplies-endust Of course the best tip is to not do it all yourself - make it a family plan.  What are your favorite tips for keeping your home and family organized?