5 Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Treasured Furniture

Using-Soap-to-Help-Drawers-Slide Whether you saved for years for it, inherited it from a loved one or refurbished it, here are 5 tips for caring for and maintaining your treasured furniture. 1.  Thinking about placement.  Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources as much as possible. 2.  Furniture pads are not just for furniture.  Put felt pads on the bottoms of all of your accessories on your tabletops to avoid scratching your furniture. 3.  Have coasters available.  Make it easy for your guests to use a coaster with their beverage and be sure to use a trivet or hot pad with hot items as well.  For my dining room table I use a heat protective tablecloth under my decorative one. 4.  If your drawers are beginning to stick, run a bar of soap along the bottom and top edges of the drawer sides.  Now they will slide with ease. 5.  Use Endust Dust & Clean Spray to quickly and easily clean and shine your furniture without any wax build up.  It is great for removing dust, fingerprints, allergens and smudges.