10 Minute Ideas - Cleaning Your Grill the Easy Way

Cleaning-Your-Grill-Quickly Hello sweet friends!  I am excited to share today that the 10 Minute Series is back!  Not only is it back, but it is new and improved.  We will be sharing 10 minute decorating ideas, but we will also be sharing cleaning, organizing, crafts, recipes and seasonal decorating ideas.  We have some great new members to our team (some starting this month and some starting next) and we will all be sharing our ideas with you each month. I started the 10 minute series in January of 2014 because I knew that sometimes, ten minutes is all we have time for when we are decorating.  As much as we all love a whole room makeover, why wait for something so huge?  It is about bringing in little bits of pretty and decorating into our everyday to make our homes a true reflection of ourselves.  I have realized that the same goes for recipes, crafts, cleaning, etc....  Sometimes, ten minutes is all we have, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be creative and great. This month, we are starting with a cleaning idea and I figured out a little trick for cleaning your grill in ten minutes.  And being the wacko that I am, I timed myself to make sure I wasn't lying about doing it in ten minutes.  The weather is really messing with us still, but there is finally not snow on our deck, so we are ready to get in to the full swing of grilling season.  We kept our grill covered all winter, but it still took a hit from the winter. Here is our grill before... Gril-Before I figured this trick out in the sugar house.  During sugaring season, we can't use any chemical cleaners on the equipment, for obvious reasons.  However, when the steam drips down, it has some sugar in it and the stainless steel ended up looking a mess.  One night, I decided to just try the one thing everyone says can clean everything - vinegar.  And of course, it worked. The beauty of working with white vinegar is it is cheap, non-toxic and you are likely to already have it in your house. The key for cleaning your grill, however, is to pair it with heat. Materials-for-Cleaning-Grill What you will need is a scrubby sponge, a cloth, rubber gloves, white vinegar and a bowl of hot water.  The key is for the water to be hot.  Of course, not so hot that you burn your hands so be careful!  If it cools down while you are working, pop it in the microwave. Tips-For-Quick-Grill-Cleaning Simply add about equal parts of vinegar to hot water and begin scrubbing. How-to-Quickly-Clean-Grill It starts to lift up the dirt and the grime right away, but you don't want it to just sit there.  This is where you apply your "Karate Kid" moves and do a little bit of "wax on" and "wax off".  Follow up each section of scrubbing with a wipe down with your cloth. Easy-Grill-Cleaning-Tips I found that after wiping down the first few sections, my cloth was really wet and didn't shine up the stainless steel areas as well.  I simply grabbed a dry towel and buffed over everything one more time and that did the trick. How-to-Easily-Clean-Grill Our grill wasn't absolutely hideous, so in some cases in make take more than ten minutes.  In the sugar house, however, I saw this trick clean up quite a mess really well.  For the really baked on stains, you might need to try an oven cleaner or something like that (test on a small area first).  However, pretty much everything came off for me with elbow grease. And just in case you are wondering why there is an onion sitting on my grill, I read that rubbing an onion on your grill grates makes it non-stick.  We are grilling tonight, so I am going to put that to the test! Tips-For-Easy-Cleaning-of-Your-Grill The best news, this is just one 10 minute cleaning idea, stop by to see these other ideas...

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