Being Thankful Even When It is Broken

Well Hello.

Finding Home Accent So, if you have been here a while and you are stopping over, you will see there is a new look around here.

And if you are new – maybe you met me at Haven, thanks so much for coming by.

If you look around, you will find there are some issues with navigation and with appearance.

I am so sorry, and quite frankly I am going insane with it.

But then, I try to take a deep breath.

Hopefully,  it will be resolved in the next few days and I hope you are willing to give me another chance and stop on back again.

I keep trying to remind myself, that even though I love my little ‘ol blog here, it really is just a blog.

And as I listen to my husband snoring near by, I am so thankful that we are safely at home and finally all under one roof.

I am thankful for parents who took care of my children and picked me up from the airport so I could go to Haven.

I am thankful for a sister who gets me so well

I am thankful for friends who love me for the real me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend Haven and learn so crazy much.

I am thankful for meeting many amazing women, to be in the company of people who understand what I do and for southern ladies who taught me the proper way to use southern expressions.

So, look forward to some great take away info for bloggers and non-blogger from Haven.

So even though right now my blog is broken, I am thankful for all of you and I truly truly thank you for stopping by.

And we’ll have a big party when it is all fixed and purdy!

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14 thoughts on “Being Thankful Even When It is Broken”


  1. I am one of those new bloggers who met you at Haven. 🙂 Hello again. I am having my blog redesigned, too, and know there will be “days” like this. I think you have the perfect mindset – it is what it is and its fixable. (I hope.) *winks
    I look forward to spending some time on your blog and getting to know you better. Wasn’t Haven Ah-mazing? Loved every single minute! Blessings, Barb

  2. Laura…so glad you had a safe trip home. I love, love your new “look”….I am over the moon happy that I finally got to meet you…You are as wonderful as I imagined…truly blessed to have met the person behind one of my favorite blogs….Have a wonderful day!

  3. All will be well….eventually. Patience is one of the most difficult things to have when blogging! I want everything DONE and technical issues are usually beyond me so they are especially frustrating!! I just started following you so I’m looking forward to browsing your older posts!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  4. Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing what you learned about the South since I’m a transplant.
    I had to change my email, so adding one and removing another from your list. Blessings!

  5. Blogs can be fun but crazy frustrating at the same time! Hope it works out (I’m sure it will) either way, I’m following you and I’ll be around when you’re back up and running 🙂

  6. Hi Laura! I never would have known that anything was wrong with your blog if you hadn’t told us. Looks good to me!

    So glad I had a chance to meet you at Haven and chat awhile. Hope to see you again next year!

  7. Hi there–I love your blog, just the way it is! I will enjoy watching the changes take place but I hope you don’t feel too much like “it’s not worthy”–Your home, your projects, your blog–you’re doing great!!