Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Gallery Wall

Guest Bedroom Gallery Wall

Don’t you just love when your favorite people come and stay at your home?

It is different when they come to stay for the night.  You can stay up late and talk into the night, totally relax in your jammies in the morning and have real quality time together.

So that is why it was important to me to have a very welcoming guest bedroom for people to come and stay at your home.

Today, I thought I would share some bedroom decorating ideas – including the gallery wall I pulled together for this room.

Guest Bedroom Gallery Wall at Finding Home

The gallery wall was actually my starting point – my first gallery wall actually.

I was initially intimidated by the process – especially with wallpaper and not paint on the walls.

Gallery Wall Bedroom Decorating Ideas

But then I just kind of went for it – using different type of items, not just pictures.

And the pictures are in all kinds of frames – wood, barnwood, gold or no frame at all.

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas at Finding Home

It think it is the quirkiness about it that makes it work – a grouping of all different elements – but a common theme – outdoors.

There are nature scenes, flowers, a twig maple leaf, a fish, a boat and even a fishing creel basket.

And I didn’t stop on the wall – even the side table has some nature as well.

This brass cricket could be one of my all time favorite finds.

Okay, maybe I really can’t pick an all time favorite – but I really do love it.

Guest Bedroom at Finding Home

Actually, the original idea for the theme for this room was “The Adirondacks”.   Hubby and I spent a weekend up there for our anniversary a few years ago and it was an amazing time and I fell in love with the style of everything.  I just felt so comfortable and I wanted to bring that to our guest room.

The picture in the corner here are actually vintage images from the Adirondacks.  They are part of the corner where there is a cozy vintage chair and Hubby’s childhood dresser that his made.

The green and gold mirror is the very first vintage piece I ever bought – three days before I graduated college.  If is funny how my memory is hideous, but I remember buying that mirror perfectly.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I added in some more vintage collections on the dresser as well.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas at Finding Home

And a few fun pieces of ephemera on the wall.

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

But one of my favorite things in the room is the fabulous branch side table hubby made for me for Christmas a few years ago.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Gallery Wall

So, once again I am a sentimental decorator – even when decorating in the guest bedroom.

Oh, and if you are wondering, both of those fabulous pillows on the bed are from Dash & Albert.  I found them locally at a shop here, but they can easily be found online.

If you would like some tips on how to plan a gallery wall, please visit here.  If you would like some tips on how to hang all of these items, please visit here.

If you would like to see the rest of our home tour, you can visit here.

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24 thoughts on “Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Gallery Wall”


  1. Hi Laura! We are neighbors, kinda:). Spent lots of time up by you, famliy, friends, college:). YOUr blog is wonderful! The details are just perfect, I am so glad I found you. Have a wonderful weekend, Jen

  2. It is so beautiful Laura! Anyone would feel honored to stay in such a room and you’ve done a lovely job of making it feel warm and welcoming! 🙂

  3. You must read my mind every time I think about doing something there you are blogging about it !!l lol Thank you again for being you !!

  4. Ok, when can I come sleep over? Love the guest bedroom…the vignette above the bed is amazing! Loved browsing and follow…my “royal blog” awaits any new browsers. Tiffany AKA Cranky Queen

  5. LOVE this room….love the tonal wallpaper, gives a fresh but vintage charm to the room….love the gallery wall… the fact that everything is NOT a picture and that the picture frames are different……….love all the other touches and the mirror………warm and inviting…………

  6. Hi Laura…Would you share the wallpaper pattern for the guest room. It’s beautiful…elegant but peaceful. I just finished wallpapering my front hall and used the paper you have in your living room. It came out beautiful!
    I’d love to share a picture.

  7. Soooo charming! Your guest room is lovely. I love Dash and Albert! I learned about that company from The Gardener’s Cottage blog, and because of that, all my rugs are now Dash and Albert.

  8. Hi Laura. Love this wall. Really an eye catcher. Anyone using this room wouldn’t be able to sleep right away for looking at all your great finds. You always find such interesting things. I really like the round board you found with the skaters on it that you used on your mantel. The fishing creel is one of my favorites. Your house is amazing. Love seeing the snow pictures too, as I used to live up North. Can’t wait to see more of your fresh ideas.

  9. Oh my goodness, I adore your guest room!! The wallpaper, the pillows… and of course the fabulous gallery wall. It’s fantastic! I especially love that it’s got all kinds of interesting things instead of just the usual photographs. Beautiful!!


  10. Laura, you are a great lady after my own heart☺ I am also very sentimental with my decorating! My sisters are thrilled that I can get all of mom and dads hand me downs, so they don’t have to! Your home is absolutely amazing and I love everything about it (the warm wood, beautiful paint, and cheery & comfy rooms! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me–♥Angie