Are You Thinking About It?

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I feel like I haven’t even got into my summer groove yet and Staples is filled with back to school supplies.

So not ready to go there, but the folders were like a pretty rainbow.

Oh, and Michael’s is filled with fall and Christmas decorations already.

I think I will just think about setting up the sprinkler.

Yup, that’s my plan.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Thinking About It?”


  1. You are sooo right! You just keep thinking about that sprinkler my friend! September (and Christmas for goodness sakes) is a LONG time away! Take it from this teacher…. there is a lot of summer left to be had!
    xo Susan

  2. In some areas there are year round schools and of course a lot of states start in August. Recently they are having the High Schoolers, in our area, to have the same schedule as the Colleges so they are starting August 15th. For those going from Middle School to HS it’s really bad because they didn’t get out of school till the 17th of June. My daughter will deal with that issue next year. This year she’s fine because she will still be in Middle School.

    I’m like you…just getting into the Summer Groove. I’m trying to remember to water the potted plants more and hand watering the roses more than the sprinklers are hitting them. Most of our plants our drought resistant so I just water the roses. Our grass has a hard time in the Summer but we have water rationing. Other than that…I’m looking forward to many more lazy Summer days. 🙂

  3. OMG! You are so right. I was stunned yesterday when I saw Halloween decor out in a store. Where does the time go? Maybe I just forget, but it seems as though we are being rushed through the holidays more and more every year.