A Visit from the Ghost of Halloween’s Past (Halloween Costumes)

Happy Halloween friends.

If you are reading this (as I am writing it on Sunday night) that means I am still without power compliments of “Sandy” or I am still in recovery mode.

Or both.

Since “Trick-or-Treating” is unlikely for us here in the storm’s path this year, I am hoping you will be willing to take a trip down memory lane of Halloween’s past…

…through Halloween costumes.

As I said in my post about Peanut’s Supergirl Halloween costume – we are more of “assemblers” of costumes.

“Assembling” a costume means pulling together parts from many places as opposed to buying a pre-made costume.  It usually involves some sort of “crafting”, but never involves sewing.

Oaky, there are some store bought costumes in the mix here…

Halloween 019


Peacock – headpiece crafted from feathers, skirt – an old stand by – tie lengths of tulle onto a piece of elastic sized to fit your child.

Dorothy – dress was amazingly found at Goodwill in August and it fit, shoes from Target. Toto is a long time friend.

halloween 2010 120


Queen of Heats – black dress found on clearance at Target – hearts from craft paper and tulle tied on boots and hat with some cards tucked in.

Sort of an angel – but really her own invention – white clothing, silver sparkly scarf, sprayed hair, wings were purchased from a craft store.

october 2009 305


Cowgirl – pulled together from items we had – hat was purchased at a discount store.

A fairy of sorts – again, her creation of colors and the hat was the key ingredient.  Hat and wings were purchased at a costume store.

Oct 2007 086


I must say, my finest Halloween moment.

Lady bug – costume was purchased but I made her doll’s costume from tulle and felt.

Daisy – green leggings and shirt, tulle skirt using the same method mentioned above, flower crafted from felt – same for her doll.

october 2006 060


Store bought witches – yup!

october 2005 114


Statue of Liberty – she was obsessed with the Statue of Liberty that year – I think we went thee times.  Store bought costume but I made her torch.

(oh, and if anyone knows where in the heck I put that awesome cat on the pumpkin – let me know!)

Strawberry Shortcake – had the outfit, added some strawberry shades and store bought hat.  She rocked it.  Oh, and there were freckles on her nose.

First round of pictures3 124


A total throw back – store bought cats – and my trash can in the hall.  Meow.

Not shown – the awesome honey pot trick or treat container for Pooh Bear I made in 2002.

Happy Halloween Friends!

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4 thoughts on “A Visit from the Ghost of Halloween’s Past (Halloween Costumes)”


  1. So happy to know that you and your family are okay after Sandy~although being without power is a terrible nuisance! Loved the pictures-brought back so many memories of helping my kiddos pull together costumes. We had one year when my son had his heart set on being the “Phantom of the Opera”. Thought we had it nailed down- but well, not so much!From the phantom to Dracula and all was well! Good times. Stay safe and hopefully things will get back to normal quickly in your area.

  2. Hi,
    I’m Dale from Australia.
    I hope you and all your Friends & Family are Safe & Well.
    Thank You for the lovely trip down Halloween Memory Lane, the pictures are priceless.
    ♥ Dale