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You know how when you read a book, you create a mental image of the characters and the settings?  I always marvel at an author’s ability to do that, to give enough information and details, to create a mood, so that we as the reader feel we are right there in the story.  Well today, I am attempting to bring some of a special book to life for you , how I see it in my head, with a summer garden table.



Kristy Woodson Harvey just recently launched a book entitled “Dear Carolina” and I have created a table setting, along with Mikasa and several other talented bloggers, that helps tell part of the story.  Of course, without giving too much of it away.  No spoiler alerts are needed.  I will just tell you that there are two main characters in the book, Khaki and Jodi and I chose to create a summer luncheon how I felt Jodi would set it.




I imagine that there would be vegetables and flowers picked fresh from the garden.  They would be center stage, like this beautiful lettuce placed in a low water bowl.




There would be wildflower arrangements, with kale tucked in and they would be set inside simple and useful canning jars.




The plates would be simple and classic, like this new style from Mikasa.  The flatware would be simple, but with a little bit of a modern edge.  There would be three types of plates for each of the courses that would be simple, but robust and delicious.  We would probably start with some beef stew, move into a fresh salad with pickled vegetables and end with delicious quiche made with whatever was freshest in the garden.

To bring in a little bit of southern flair, there would be cloth napkins in a classic and simple floral pattern.




There wouldn’t be too much fuss other than what we needed to eat a meal and make the table look pretty and welcoming.  The arrangements on the table would likely have some herbs tucked in so that room smelled amazing before the food even hit the table.


Kale-Wildflower-Arrangment copy


Candles would be added to make things just a little bit more special.  Going with the summer garden theme, these candles would be just what the table needed.  They are scented with cilantro, kale, peach, melon or wildflowers.  Unusual scents for a candle, but they add just a light and pleasing scent to a room.




I would like to tell you who I am pretty sure Jodi would invite to her luncheon and who I am positive she would not invite, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.  It was such an interesting challenge to create a table that helped tell a story.




But then again, I guess I am telling stories about my home and the people in it here all the time.




This was my interpretation of a table based on the novel Dear Carolina.  However, several of my friends want to share their interpretation as well.  Please stop by to visit…

Randi from Dukes & Duchesses

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Kristy from Design Chic

And even better, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of Dear Carolina or the same set of Mikasa dishes!

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Thanks so much for reading!


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93 thoughts on “A Summer Garden Table & a Giveway”


  1. I like any of the white patterns on the Mikasa website but especially like the ones you have featured in your post. Your table looks amazing!

  2. I love the Mikasa Garden Harvest pattern. The colors are so beautiful and match the colors of my kitchen. The serving pieces are so lovely.

  3. Lucerne white? might be my favorite..but not positive!…..so many beautiful options!…Thanks for a great giveaway!.

  4. Love my Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes and would love to add these to my pantry! Lovely tablescape!

  5. Dear Carolina is on my summer reading list, looking forward to starting it! Beautiful table, beautiful home!

  6. Dear Carolina is on my summer reading list. your table setting interpretation is beautiful and inviting!

  7. I love your home — so inviting and bright & cheerful. Dear Carolina sounds like a fun read! Thanks for entry.

  8. Love the clean simple look of this table – Most any pattern would look great with this!
    Will have to set this similar table for my open house!
    Antique White setting is my fav!

  9. Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous table! The flowers! The lettuces! That runner! Every part of this is utter perfection. Jodi would just fall out. Khaki too. And me! The china looks so lovely with your special touches. I love every part of this. Thank you so much for this wonderful interpretation of Dear Carolina. It’s fabulous! xo Kristy

  10. I loved your story!!! The Adelaide pattern seems a happy compromise between traditional and contemporary. Thanks Mikasa for the opportunity!

  11. Your table is beautiful, Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words about Dear Carolina and for participating in our Mikasa and book giveaway. Adore your flowers too…perfect for a Southern table!!

  12. Laura…yes I can just see this table set in the wonderful setting of the South in the book Dear Carolina….I love how you created a garden tablescape with such ease and the result is stunning….I certainly would have a smile on my face sitting at this table…Loved Dear Carolina…and Kristy is a sweetheart!….Great giveaway of those fabulous Mikasa dishes … perfect promotion for the book!!

  13. Love the white dishes & Mikasa is the brand for me. Lettuce seems to mean summer & the garden is ready.

  14. Mikasa has so many pretty patterns that it’s had to pick a favorite. I think I would choose Antique Countryside.

  15. I would love to use the neutral dishes for our dinner settings. I’ll have to get more dishes if I win to set our daily dinner table for 9!!! I like be to use what we have to decorate the table. Our flowers should be able to be cut soon.

  16. Love the table setting. The Mikasa patterns are all beautiful. I do like the Loria pattern though; as well as
    all the white patterns. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  17. I love the simplicity of the table setting and the idea of using edible plants and fragrant herbs sounds wonderful. Canning jars are just lovely with plants and flowers and I have used them for that purpose for many years.

  18. Oh my, how lovely. I would love to have any Mikasa dinnerware; however, American Countryside is my all time favorite! Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Laura, your table is so summery and “Southernly.” It’s fresh and pretty and simple.

    Upon seeing all these recommendations I know that I must read this book – and soon.

    Thank you- and Mikasa- for the opportunity to win these amazing dishes – they are perfect for all year and in both casual and formal tablescapes. One cannot beat that!

  20. Such a lovely giveaway. So hard to pick just one favorite. I Love the Taylor design. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Hello – What a lovely table setting <3 I visited Mikasa.com & fell in love with Cadence Bloom 🙂
    Smiles, DianeM

  22. I so enjoy your home decor and recipes; thank you for inviting me in! I have collected a few pieces of Mikasa at Goodwill and would love to have a full, matching set. The book sounds like a page-turner so am hoping to win the big GIVE AWAY.

  23. What a lovely simple tablescape….I’m sure the women in this book would feel so welcomed in here and feel so at ease and just enjoy the time together …I think I want to be their friend.

  24. Your table looks beautiful! I believe my favorite pattern is Antique White, although it was hard to pick just one!!

  25. My favorite Mikasa pattern is Garden Harvest but they don’t make it anymore. I am thrilled when I find serving pieces at sales to add to my collection. I’d love to have this white set to mix with the Mikasa I already use!

  26. I love Mikasa and love crisp white dishes, white allows for various table linens and always looks so fresh!

  27. Laura,

    I love your table setting but especially, love to read your blog. Your words always make me feel peaceful. The kind of peace that comes with understanding what is important. It is as if you understand my own thoughts on life and family. Thanks for always reminding me to be grateful.

  28. Your table arrangement is charming. It looks like one could sit right down and have a good meal and a wonderful conversation!

  29. Thanks rThanks for setting such beautiful table and for helping us to better understand the emotional strugges involved with adoptions!

  30. Beautiful table! Very pretty dishes by Mikasa, I have owned several Mikasa dish sets over the years. Right now, my favorite set is Italian Countryside. Hopefully, that will be my next Christmas present. Here’s hoping!

  31. I love the simplicity of your tablescape and how you used fresh herbs for smell in the arrangements. What a neat idea to have y’all design a table after interpreting your own “minds eye” from this wonderful new book. That is what makes reading a book so much fun – we never all see the story in exactly the same way. Can’t wait to read it myself.

  32. I am a newcomer to your blog. Your table is so fresh and pretty. I am not a southerner, but this just evokes a simpler time, when life was slower and the living was easy. I would pick American Countryside, gather some daisies, and go back in time…

  33. Lovely table and sounds like a lovely book. MIKASA French Countryside is my favorite pattern.

  34. I actually LOVE the Loria pattern that you used on garden table the best! They are beautiful, simple, and timeless! Thanks for the chance.

  35. My favorite pattern is HAYES WHITE. I tend to be drawn to white, but I really need to start incorporating some color.

  36. I really love plain white dishes with just a subtle pattern. Have some very colorful dishes I’m growing tired of and have been wanting to replace them. Would love to win the Loria dishes. Love your flowers…..the whole tablescape is beautiful!

  37. I really like this Loria pattern. The bowl and mug especially. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Love simple white dishes, they are a breath of fresh air. So different from what I’ve used in the past. Crossing my fingers for the win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. love your tablescapes. I have a piece of fabric similar to the little wall hanging w/farm animals. That is so cute I will be getting some stamps and making one!!

  40. My favorite pattern is Italian Countryside! Your table is stunning! I love the greenery and how fresh it all is. Just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  41. Couldn’t choose just one…Love the Daylight and Sunset Valley patterns!!C! 🙂