Decorating Ideas: Tween Girl Bedroom

Tween Girl Bedroom

There have been a lot of changes going on around here.  Shuffling of bedroom furniture – especially beds.  Our new king size bed finally arrived yesterday after waiting three months.  As soon as it came in the room, I felt like a grown-up!

So as we starting making changes in my older daughter’s room, nothing crazy, just subtle, I thought I would share her room again since it was one of my favorite projects.  Her “tween girl room” will now become a teen room.

This where we started…

March 2011 117March 2011 124

The first step was to convince her to paint the room white.  She said from the beginning she wanted purple, orange, pink, turquoise and green.  Instead of having a heart attack, I convinced her that if we had white walls, we would have so much more freedom with color.  I am so glad she trusted me on that one!

We decided to take out her dresser and replace it with four lockers.  So far it has worked out really great in terms of her having plenty of space to keep things and not have it be total chaos.  She keeps both her “stuff” and clothes in the lockers.  The lockers are from Ikea – the link is here – but they no longer seem to carry it in the white.  They do have it a pretty blue color.

Decorating a Bedroom for a Tween Girl

The painting above the bed was the originally launching off point that she chose for the room.  I will admit, I would have done a very soft and girly vintage room, but this room is SO her!  She saw the painting at an art show and fell in love.  It worked out really well that the talented artist is my cousin Greg Amend and he gave us a good deal.

Blue and Pink Bedroom

As part of the changes we wanted to include a desk for her to work on.  This one had plain fronts so we decoupaged in with NY (and 1 Boston) maps. You can find the desk tutorial here.

Colorful Girl's Bedroom

My husband (used to!) travels a lot and more and more he travels overseas.  The shelves have given a place to display all the neat items he has brought back from different countries.  There are prints of Paris and Japan (purchased through ETSY, not brought back), her name written in Chinese, dolls from Russia and Japan, and a photograph taken by my cousin Greg Amend in Belize.

Of course I couldn’t help but add a vintage touch with the globe.

Modern Tween Bedroom

There is still a place for her stuffed animals and her books.  She may be getting older (she is now 11 she is now 13), but she still wants her friends near by.

Bright Girl's Bedroom

The vintage Trumeau mirror is nice and large and hung so she can use it both as a full length and a close up mirror.  I found it at an auction and spray painted it.

Purple, Pink and Blue Bedroom

“Shine” has been my thing with them for a while, just can’t help myself.  She has always really loved the Statue of Liberty, even dressed up as her once for Halloween.  I used a replica as an “I” to bring a little bit of NY to the room.

blondie's room 159

blondie's room 162

So, there is a little bit of a travel theme, but I tried not to go to far overboard.  The M.P. picture is a photograph I took in Paris and created an x-ray photo canvas.

blondie's room 166

We hung her guitar on the wall instead of it always being in a case – keeps it safer, takes up less room and she is picking it up more now that it is easy to get to.  She no longer plays and we are bummed.

blondie's room 262

And, if you ever wondering where Bailey is when I am taking pictures, here is your answer…

right in front of me!

blondie's room 307

And here she is in her new room!

blondie's room 342

The list of all of the sources can be found here.

The tutorial for the bed construction can be found here.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!


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59 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas: Tween Girl Bedroom”


  1. wow that is an amazing room
    all the colors you guys choose are great
    good thing she believed you with the white walls

  2. You did a fabulous job! I love the juxtaposition of the lockers and modern shelving with the daybed, desk chair and chandelier. It almost (I repeat – almost) makes me wish I were a tween again.


  3. This transformation is amazing! I love it…the lockers & bedding are my favorite! I’m your newest follower from Tuesday’s Treasure party. If you get a chance I’d love you to stop by my blog too!

  4. How cute! I love all the colors. My daughters room was full of color and when we went to change it a few years ago she wanted white walls after about a year she said mom please can we paint my walls, so we settled on gray with her pink, orange and black color scheme. She loves it now! I bet your daughter will love her new space!

  5. What a great room for a tween and teen girl! I love the lockers and her bed! You did a great job on all the details and so sweet that she can see her treasures from her daddy. 🙂
    She looks so happy about her new room, what a great mom you are my friend!
    Have a great week!

  6. Thr lockers are a nice and clever idea. Where would someone purchase lockers like that for home use?

    I also like the subtle use of travel and international themes in the room, from the decoupaged desk drawers, to the dolls, to the name in a different language…very nice. Also love that mirror. Now I need to find the Russian nesting dolls and Austrian teddy bear my husband brought back from his travels! Thanks for the inspiration, LOL. Have a great week!

  7. I am just about to start my oldest daughters room (she’s 7). She asked for black walls. Black. We’re ‘comprimising’ on cream board and batten below and a very soft grey/lilac above lol. I may still be able to win this arguement now, but soon enough, that will change! Your daughters room is fantastic, and I’m sure she’s thrilled with it!

  8. Love the transformation. Color is my thing so I understand her desire to have it around!! Beautiful bright makeover!! Wonderful job! Adorable family too!!

  9. My daughter (age11) just looked at the pictures on your blog and wonders where you found the beanbag chair for your daughter?

  10. I love what you did to the room. We are redoing our middle daughter’s room and hope to finish before Christmas ;-). Your daughter will love it for years to come.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous room! My two girls (who share a room) want lavender walls next and I told them the same thing about white walls and their versatility. The pics on your blog will convince them; I’m sure!!! Looking forward to hearing about your sources 🙂

  12. This is awesome. i really wanna know about the chandelier. ive been shopping online for a mini chandelier for my living room, either in black or bright colors, and cant seem to find what im looking for. how did you do it??

  13. Hey Laura! We are in the process of re-doing Middle’s room into a teen room. Your daughter’s room is our inspiration and my hubby wanted to know where you got the lockers. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at IKEA. Also, did you use fabric for the headboard?

  14. Your little girl is very special – and very pretty too! Love her new room – perfect “tween” space! Love that old mirror too! Enjoy!

  15. Hi Laura! This is so inspiring! I have a question, how do you get a room that’s originally quite dark to look so bright after the room makeover? I see that in both versions the windows are opened so I was wondering what did you do exactly? Going through a room makeover now too, really need some help haha!

  16. We love this idea. My daughter is really into travel right now. Where did you get the pictures from Etsy? Do you have the info still? Thanks