A Quick Check In…

Hello lovelies!

I spent the day today hitting lots of barn sales. 

Got some good stuff baby!!!

And, I saw the most ridiculous prices I have ever seen at a yard sale EVER!!!!!!

And, I had to negotiate pretty hard with a older man and I am not sure I got the good end of the deal. 

You win some you loose some!

Now, the yard sale that had the crazy prices did have AMAZING stuff, but seriously, I think she was smoking something, if you know what I mean jelly bean.

Anyway, check out this pile of suitcases she had.

iphone may 050

Some of these were amazing, especially the second from the top and the second from the bottom.

And the man who negotiated hard, eventually sold me all of these…

iphone may 051

My plan this weekend is to get these get all cleaned up and take some pictures of them all purdy.  There are also two incredible lamps in there, that with some TLC will be BOOtiful in a little girl’s room.

Anyway, lots of miles driven and lots of treasures found.

This weekend is about getting to the much neglected garden, family time, a little family 5K and maybe a parade.

As much as those are all important, my focus and thoughts will also be on our soldiers, past and present.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Take care,


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3 thoughts on “A Quick Check In…”


  1. I think if people are going to have barn sales and garage sales then they should do it to get rid of stuff not to get rich. Or at least that is why I have always had them. I went to some last weekend and there was actually some of both. Well who wants to paick all that stuff back up in the garage.

  2. Laura looks like some lucky finds. I too find things at yard sales way overpriced, people really put some value on things that are junky (but still could be useful if all fixed up and transformed), I think folks get attached and sentimental. Can’t wait to see the reveals.