A Major Change in Our Journey


I have written this post in my mind for a very long time.

Usually, when I write a post – I take pictures, edit the pictures, import them into the post and then I begin to fill in the words.

But this post, is about the words.

We have had a big change in our house.  It is one that won’t make sense to most people, but that is okay.

Last week, my husband quit his very stable, well paying job of 14 years with a great company.

And he doesn’t have another job lined up.

This was a move that was years in the making and preparing for.  It was months in implementing.

There are a lot of things that have happened with his company in the last 6 months that made the choice almost crystal clear.  But still as muddy as can be.

But that is not what it is about in the big picture.  In the big picture, we are choosing to take our life in a different direction.

We are choosing to get him off a plane to Asia and Europe so many times we lost count.

We are choosing to not let the stresses of the corporate schedule take so much of him.

He recently calculated that he has missed three years of Sunshine’s life in a hotel or on a plane.  She is only 12.

In 5 years, she will be in college and our time with her living with us will most likely be over, and Peanut is right behind her.

This is a decision we have discussed for years, but neither of us felt comfortable or that it was the right time.  And it wasn’t.

But at the start of this year, I felt a calm and stillness move into my heart.  I knew this was the year.  I knew I was ready.  I just had to wait for him to be ready.

Since there are so many things that are unknown for us, I am going to trying to focus on what I do know.

I know…

I knowthat he will lie by my side every single night.  We have been married for almost 19 years and that has never been the case.

I know…that my children will be so much happier with their Dad home.  As much as he has been gone, he has still developed an amazing relationship with our daughters.  It will only get better from here. I have always said the best decision I have ever made was choosing him to be the father of my children.

I know…that he is the hardest working person I know.  I traveled on a short trip this spring and the whole time I kept asking myself “How does he do this?”.  It is amazing what he has done for the past 14 years in providing for our family.  I knew that his current job was so all consuming it was too difficult to see beyond it to what was next.  He is not looking to just jump to another company with the same type of job.   I know, with time and prayers, he will figure out what is next.

I am going to brag for a bit – my husband is unique.  He grew up on a dairy farm raised with incredible principals from incredible parents.  Then he went on to get his PHD in Animal Science.  Then he went on to grow an extremely successful business division.  He has the morality, science knowledge and business ability all wrapped up in one.  The gracious and kind words that have been shared with him from the people he has worked with near and far have overwhelmed him.  They have been no surprise to me.  He is truly a good man.

I know…it is not going to be easy.  Even just the basics of our day to day are going to be an adjustment. I am used to doing things my way.  I am used to doing things alone.  That is okay, I choose him over easy.

I know…we have planned for this financially and we are prepared.  But prepared on paper is very different than the reality.  It is going to be adjustment.  There will be new budgets and things to say no to.  That is okay, I choose him over easy.

I know…most importantly, that God will guide us and help us.  I know that the calmness and peace that I still feel was place by Him.  I know that even if we fall flat our on faces, this is still the right decision.

I know…we are going to spend the summer working on projects around the house and getting to some things we never had the time for (maybe our office will finally get finished now that there will be two people in it full time!).  We are going to take day trips and long trips.  We are going to spend time together as a family and regroup.

I know…that I am not going to have to manage the schedule of getting two girls to intensive All-Star practices and games alone.  Can I get an A to the MEN?

And for the time being, Dana Putnam will be an active partner of Finding Home.  Maybe I can even get him to write a post or two?  I hope you will join me in welcoming him to the world of blogging and interior design.

iphone November 064

As always, thank you for all of your kindness and friendship here in the blogging world.  Having this creative outlet through all the business of these last years as been truly a gift.   I have so appreciated making friendships and connections and look forward to many more.

Thanks for reading!

If you are wondering what happened next – visit here.

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  1. Laura, oh you had my crying. I’ve been to your house soo many times since I have known you {just a few short years} that he has been gone and heard it in your voice and your words, you were done with him being across the world, I am so so so happy for you guys, that you will have your best friend with you all the time. I love your idea of day trips and long trips and somewhere along those travels most likely a picture or two of feet somewhere in there and searching more now for the perfect find {on a budget}… oh happy day! Praise God for this time!

  2. I know that anyone that is a Red Sox fan will be all right. Seriously I retired at the end of April when I could have stayed longer but I think my job would have killed me. I was so unhappy my husband encouraged me to retire early. I am so happy and doing so much better I know it was the right decision. Good luck to both of you and GO SOX!

  3. I applaud you and your Mr for making such a decision. 20.5 years we had to make such a decision. It was not easy, and we did not have years to set it in motion… but we prayed and felt that it was right so we did. NO regrets… lots of sacrifices later, but still no regrets! My boys are better young men for that life changing decision. Family first!!!! Life is so short… we spend too much time at work and too little at play.
    Once again, I applaud you both! “he’ has a bigger plan! Thanks for sharing.
    ((HUGS)) Laura. Family over easy any day!!
    Cheering you on…

  4. WOW! How wonderful for your girls to see that LIVING YOUR TRUE LIFE is important, and that the two of them are the most important thing to their parents. Enjoy the good times and may your worries/anxieties be few, since you can intellectually agree that so much of what we choose to worry about never is even a blip in our actual lives. Every day you only have to be a little brave for this to work. Wow, again. Good for you.

  5. Wow, wow, wow – what a gutsy move! Is it ok, them I’m a tad bit jealous? I have begged my husband for years and years (more than 20+) to remember to put LIFE over making a living…. after 30 years in the same business, he’s still not able to make such a leap of faith. KUDOS to you and Dana, I have great hope that you two are going to do WONDERFUL things together!!!!


  6. Laura… sounds like wonderful great things are ahead for you and your family. If you didn’t feel the Lord giving you the boost you probably would never have done it . Your girls will benefit so much from your unselfishness.

  7. Laura ~ Good for you … good for you husband…. good for your girls….. good for you family!!! When I was pregnant with Nick we had in our head I would be home with our kids… many times I had to say “no” and I know paying the bills was hard.. but being home with my kids was the best gift I could give my kids. When they became teenage boys Dan became there baseball and football coach. Also at that time his family business (moms) closed .. so he worked from our barn so he was at home for them as well. That’s how Kitchen Art got started.. but that’s for another story. What we did and what I see today with families juggling schedules – boy I know we did it right. With our business now I meet with 9 out of 10 families 1 or both always are traveling during the week. When my cancer came last year we decided to market my business to sell… not because this cancer is going to beat me… but I am going to beat it and we are going to semi retire. I too am now concerned about budget or income … But we will not have the overhead of the office and constant going with clients. We are going back to kickin back…. buying old homes and bringing them back to life to give back to someone that can call it home. Spend time traveling, seeing our grown kids more… and enjoying life. Laura you will be so glad you guys planned this….. EASY! xoxox Sandy Locapo

  8. I hope you find this verse as comforting and encouraging as I have over the years, Laura….

    Jeremiah 29:11-13 (New International Version)

    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

    Praying for continued peace, direction and wonderful times with your precious family!

  9. Laura, You will all be fine. Your girls will sleep with smiles on their face knowing that their dad is there. God, I’m sure is smiling too. He may have been waiting for this as well. Dana sounds like a very unique man indeed. Life is a journey and this is just another road. It may be scary and different but it’s also exciting. You will have plenty of new pages to add to your journey. There’s always adjustments and budgets but together you are stronger. Sounds like a great decision. I hope you have the best summer ever, together. I look forward to Dana’s posts.
    Have a great evening.

  10. Isn’t it amazing how God directs us! “and step by step You’ll lead me, and I will follow You all of my days”. Praying for continued direction and a wonderful summer of memory making!


  11. Oh to be in that place! God bless you as you look for the REAL successes in life. We are celebrating VBS this week at church, and have a visual display set up (for parents) with 19 jars of marbles (birth-18yrs). At home, you can do this with just one jar for each child. At the time of their birth… fill the jar w/ a marble for each week of their life up till the age of 18. Each week, remove a marble. That represents TIME. It’s a beautiful visual of how fast the time with our children goes. At 18, the jar is empty. Your years of influence are (for all intents and purposes) over. I pray that God will use this time in your lives to reap great rewards from the time spent together! Praying for WILD SUCCESS! xo

  12. Laura, I think that is an awesome decision on your husband’s part. It will be a huge change but so good for the whole family. God is in it all and he will be with you as you enter this new era of your lives. May you all be richly blessed for it. Pamela

  13. Laura, First, good for you both!! I know what a daunting decision this is and I admire you for making it.
    Second, I can completely relate to everything that led you to this choice. I feel like we (my husband and me) are just a few years behind you on this road. My husband travels the globe as well and I am on my own a lot to take care of it all. It’s hard on everyone. His travel schedule wreaks havoc on our vacations, kids activities and life in general!! However, I am also lucky to be married to a man who loves his family and would rather be home than on an airplane or in a hotel. The corporate grind takes a toll no doubt! My husband has a fantastic job that enables me to stay home full-time plus live in a lovely house in a great neighborhood. We frequently talk about down-sizing and getting him out of the rat race. It’s so hard to know what to do! I’ll be praying for you both and eagerly watching to see how it all goes, because who knows — I may be writing a similar post one of these days! Best wishes and I know it will all work out for the best!
    xo Julie

  14. Wow. I applaud your families decision to revaluate life and to take stock in each other and what you have. We made a ve ry similiar decision 5 years ago and never looked back. I will fill u in over a glass of wine at haven. Good luck sweet friend.

  15. We made the same decision in October of last year. There may be some tough times, but we’ve never regretted it. The one thing that none of us can get is the gift of more time. Congratulations to the entire family!

  16. This is one of the most honest and courageous posts I have read in a long time. I wish you nothing but happiness as you and your family adjust to this new situation.

  17. I can’t say it any better than Barbara said it. May God bless you all and keep you in his loving care.You are starting on a new adventure together.

  18. We had a similar change two years ago. At 45 my husband retired from the Navy. He served 28 years. We were married 20 of those years and he was gone 10. Having him home has been the best gift. Unfortunaly financially he had to seek a new job. After a year of looking he found one and it doesn’t require him to travel plus he can tela commute two days a week. I will not lie at times things were hard but having him home has made our marriage stronger and his relationship with our boys is unbelievable. Congratulations on you new adventures and enjoy this gift of time.

  19. What a great post, I am so happy for you that you guys are taking such a leap of faith. My husband does not travel, but her works from 3:00pm -12:30am. So I am left with the three children and all of their activities all of the time. He does try to come home for dinner 3-4 ties per week so see the kids for a bit, and he is a wonderful father, but I want him home in the evenings. Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, I totally related to what you wrote!

  20. Congratulations! If they can make it work at Thistlewood Farms, you can, too! ;o) I saw a quote on Facebook this week that said, ‘take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once’.

  21. Oh wow!! This is just so incredible Laura!! It’s amazing how just in reading your words I can feel the peace even in the midst of the unknown. That is only from the Lord!! My husband and I have had many long talks over the years about his job and the possibility of taking promotions that would mean even MORE traveling (he already does quite a bit) and we just have never felt settled in our hearts about him being gone that much. Reading this tonight confirms that feeling and I’m so thrilled for you guys and the possibilities God has in store for Dana and for all of you! You will be blessed for this over and over again!

  22. In the new year I retired from work that I loved and felt passionate about in order to put my family/marriage first and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!
    Each day has brought new challenges and new joys; it hasn’t always been easy but I have incredible peace through it all so I know it was right for me.
    I am excited by the possibilities for your family and will hold you in my thoughts and prayers as you adjust to the changes in your lives.
    Be blessed.

  23. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I will share one of my favorite quotes with you. “Jump and grow your wings on the way down”. I am also going through a crossroads in my life leaving my own business of 18 years that I grew from nothing and for some reason I have a true calm. I do believe that God will lead me in the right direction. I believe that will happen to you as well. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing more updates on the amazing new path you are on.

  24. Now that the tears of happiness have dried I can see to type. This beautiful blog was written from the heart and I believe it will be felt as such by all who read it. You and Dana have obviously put your trust in each other and your trust in God. Your love for each other and your family will certainly shine in all the years to come. Go forward and enjoy life!

  25. Often times we need to choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong. This is what God has led you two to believe is right for your family in this season and He will be with you the whole way. No, it won’t be easy. I know this because my husband has run his business from home for 25 years and it bumps into my happy nearly every day. But then you will remember that the last 19 years has not been easy either and that will see you through. The greatest desire is to know and to be known…all of you will grow and you benefit from this choice through both the smooth and the difficult days. And for heavens sake, you need another driver for those girls! 🙂

  26. Wow Laura, incredible! What a move to make and even though there are so many unknowns at the moment, in the end, the many joyous days ahead will make it all worthwhile. How incredible that you both knew what you wanted, planned for it, and did it. Not many people can say they’ve done that or can even find the strength to do that. Congrats to you and your family. On a sidenote, it was so wonderful to meet you this past weekend and I can’t wait to spend more time and chat when at Haven. xo Jenna

  27. Good men are hard to find….I know, I have one too. When his traveling shoes get restless (and they will, eventually) put him to work on new projects! God has given you a new business partner….for free! You’ll be just fine.

  28. What a sweet tribute to your husband. Can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to hear that your family will have more together time. Looking forward to hearing about how everything comes together!

  29. Laura, GOD will provide for your family. It sounds as you have the faith and you just let him do the rest. How exciting and nerving all rolled into one! I hope you get that honey Do list complete before someone offers your husband a new career!

  30. You have so much courage! I wish your family well! We too are considering the same thing. Our children are grown but in the same place otherwise. Thinking of relocating to much warmer climate where we don’t feel like we are living our lives in a box. But, there are those beautiful granddumplins! We often thought of just makin the move-job or no job! Oh, how difficult is this to do! We have not prepared for this way as you have-smart move honey! A dream job fell through and now we don’t know what to do. We also thought that the Lord was leading us in this direction, but now not sure. I wish you all happiness and sunshine! Keep me inspired!

  31. Laura, saying prayers for your family. It is scary but exciting to see where the road leads. You are doing it all for the right reasons, that is what matters. “And if I have prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge,
    and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”…….”But now remains faith, hope, love,these three; but the greatest of these is love.” Best of Luck my friend. See you soon!

  32. Laura, we are going through a similar process right now. My husband is at complete peace with it and I’m getting there. We made a major move about five years ago (a relocation with his company) and God worked everything out SEAMLESSLY. The stress of what were taking on was overwhelming for my husband and rubbed off on me. But the one thing I knew without a shadow of a doubt was that this was what God had planned in advance for us. There was no way to describe how everything else (minus the job stresses) had worked out. I just kept reminding my husband of that. Today we can’t image living anywhere else. The job has gotten much easier, but we feel it’s time for him to move on and it scares me to death. He has a good job, with a great company, making good money. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers as you navigate this uncertain time!

  33. May the road ahead of y’all be a joyful one! It is wonderful that God spoke to y’alls hearts and that you listened. You are very blessed to be able make this journey and your life will be so much richer having your hubby there by your side every day! Mine works long hours and the first year of our second sons life he lived out of town and was only home on the weekends. I understand how draining it can be. Congrats on your new journey and may God continue to bless you in so many ways!

  34. Wonderful news, Laura! Congrats on the many adventures ahead of you! (Putting family first is always the best choice.) And how wonderful to work on and grow your blog as a family.

    Best wishes!

  35. Laura,
    You did find a remarkable man, and your daughters will see that too. It will give them a real guide to measure the future man in their life. There is no better gift than time spent/invested in your family.

    Welcome aboard Dana, You have also forged ” The Jouney”

  36. Laura, this is such a touching post! I know you this is an exciting time for your family! I love your faith! God doesn’t put desires in your heart to break it. I know He has you and your family in the palm of His hands! Praying God will find just the right place for your husband! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  37. Praying for peace sweet one and for God to lead your family to do the next right thing. I’m so happy you stepped out in faith and I’m believing with you that God has a plan and He’ll show you. It helps me, when I’ve been in a place of uncertainty to just focus on the next (right) thing…(but I’m easily overwhelmed, I’ sure you’re not) 🙂
    Sending love and continued prayers for you and yours

  38. I will be praying for your family!! This is a big step that will pay off in the end. Spending time together as a family is the best gift we can give our kids. No one ever looks back over their life and say I wish I worked more. God will take care of you & your family because you are following him…. Praying blessing’s over you


  39. Congratulations on this exciting new journey for your family. I’m sure there will be obstacles to overcome but it sounds like it was the best thing to do for you guys.

    When I was younger, my father traveled to the US and Europe for work (from Canada) for about 8 years. It was hard to have him gone 1-2-4 weeks at a time and we were so glad when he came back home for good. We had a bit of an adjustment period (my little sister was quite concerned about what we’d eat for dinner once our carnivore was back), but it ended up being the best decision for our family too. Now that we’ve all flown the coop, he has gone back out on the road occasionally but now my mom is able to tag along and make them into fun trips together.

    Wishing you and your family all the best!

  40. We went down this road too a while back and your husband is a good man! He is doing what is best for the family. You will have a helper now and he sounds as if he wouldn’t mind a bit!


  41. Best wishes to you and your family. My husband and I made a similar choice years ago…foregoing promotions for him. Instead choosing stability for our family. In hindsight, now that our kids are 19 & 21, it was definitely the right decision for us. There is a lot to be said for having Dad around for the kids games, concerts, and other activities. Even more invaluable, to us, was having Dad around as an example of the kind of man you should emulate (in the case of our son) and look for in life (in the case of our daughter). I wish for you only good things as you embark on this journey for your family together.

  42. What a lovely tribute and statement. My son is a lucky man to have such a supportive wife and family.

  43. What a wonderful and moving post, Laura. I am so happy for you both and I am sure it’s a little scary too.
    I love this:
    “That is okay, I choose him over easy”.
    Congrats to you and Dana for taking that leap of faith! Best of luck to you and your family!

  44. Even good journeys start out a little scary. I know. We went through this, except it was a surprise and not our choice or timing. I’m so glad yours is. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. It’s going to be a great life!


  45. It takes great courage to make the life changes you and your husband have made. Time will make this the right choose. Hope happpiness is the true ending Good luck. God Bless.

  46. Bravo, Dr. Putnam! May the road ahead on your new journey be an joyful adventure for you and your entire family!

  47. Lovely post, Laura. Congratulations to your entire family and good luck on your new adventure! Quality family time is truly the most important thing in life. Children are grown and gone too soon! God bless!~~Angela

  48. Laura, I applaud you and your husband for this decision! We totally changed our lifestyles and initially it was hard determining a “need” versus a “want.” But that’s a small price to pay for peace! Blessings to you and your family!

  49. We (my hubster and I … hey, he’ll say I always speak for him, lol) raise a glass to you and your husband. What an amazing and courageous thing to do. As the wife of a corporate banker who leaves for work at 5am and doesn’t come back home till 6:30….we are both jealous of the new life that awaits you!!! The thought of leaving all of that stress behind would make my husband giddy with delight. It is going to be so amazing for you all…I look forward to reading about this new chapter in your lives!

  50. Laura,

    I applaud you and Dana for your strength and wisdom. I can only imagine how safe and loved those two girls will feel with their family together each and every day in the weeks and months to come. I will be praying for your sweet family in your new routine and for things big and small. You are such a blessing to all of us to share how God is working n your heart and everyday life. Having a husband who works an insane amount of hours and two girls of my own, this post makes me feel hopeful… thank you!



  51. WOW..this gave me goose bumps! I think it so wonderful you made that family decision. What a wonderful, loving supportive wife, and team you are! Congrats, and best wishes to you!

  52. Laura, This is a beautiful post: so honest and refreshing. My husband has been with his company for 18 years and things have been changing. My daughter is also 12, moving on to middle school and creating a whole new ball of emotions for my husband and I to tangle with. I wish you all the best and just know that when you let things go, you can finally grow. I look forward to reading more about your journey and being comforted by your wisdom.

  53. Laura, best wishes to your husband and to you as this change commences. My husband had traveled for all of our 16 years of marriage until last October, when a layoff put him in the position to look for a new job, and we decided that with three growing kids, the time had come for him to be home with us every night as well. I think he probably works more hours now than he ever did, but we are all so glad he is not traveling and away from home anymore! I’m so glad for you and your family and hope the new journey is wonderful.

  54. What a wonderful choice you both have made for your family. His daily presence will definitely be a present to your children and to you. I retired a few years earlier than I had anticipated because I truly believed my job was sucking the life out of me both physically and spiritually. I couldn’t do it any longer. I was lucky that my husband totally supported and encouraged my decision. It has been 4 years now, and as many others have mentioned, it is the *peace* that overcomes you and surrounds you that is so totally unbelievable and really unexpected. I had never experienced that feeling previous to when I left my job. I wish you happiness and joy in becoming a new and stronger entity. Your children will thank you for the rest of your lives. .

  55. How many people get the opportunity to make a change like this and actually GO FOR IT?? I’m so happy for you and your family. Any time you know what God wants you to do, and choose to do it, you can’t help but be blessed! I wish you all the best in this new season!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  56. My husband and his partners are selling their company and that means retirement at 59 for him. It may be happening in the next few weeks. I have been afraid of how that will change my life but your post and all of these wonderful comments are giving me encouragement. Congratulations on a big step in the right direction.

  57. A.M.A.ZING!! Kudos to you and the fam! I know what it is like to be married to a hard working man who will do whatever it takes to provide for his family! Unfortunately this often comes with a lot of sacrifices, one of which is time together. I am super jealous… but in the most heartfelt way! May you enjoy every day to it’s fullest, especially the blessing of spending more time (and maybe even collaborating) with your best friend!

    Much love from Ct.

  58. I wish you lived in OK…my hubby is an orthodontist and he and his partners are looking for an Executive Director to “run” their practice….he just asked me today if I knew anyone with the kindest hardest working heart in the world….I don’t even KNOW you or your wonderful man…but that face and smile speaks volumes to me! Good luck with your journey! Annnnd, if you decide to uproot to Oklahoma (tornadoes are not SO bad!) …we will set you up!!!!

  59. Laura, I am actually at a loss for words(believe me that rarely happens)! But I felt the need to say something about this courageous act of love the two of you made happen. I have always admired those who took risks of courage and faith. This reminds me of a friend who decided she wanted to move and live in France. She did not speak the language, knew no one there, had no prospective job in place, but felt that this was what she had to do to be truly happy. It was not easy at first. But she knew this was where she belonged. She is now setteled into her new life. She has her own business that she loves and can basically set her own hours, has learned the language, made many friends. She lives her life the way she always hoped it would be with a calming sence of peace and joy. i wish the same for you and Dana and the girls. There is nothing more important than family. How wonderful that the often empty chair at he dinner table will now be filled. You will be able to open your eyes every morning no longer to an empty side of the bed. You will see that wonderful smile every day of your lives. And the girls they will really get to know their father and share in the joy of being a family together all of the time. As many have said life is too short. We need to prioritize. I believe there are great things ahead for you and your family and that God will watch over all of you and guide you through your new journey. I wish you all the best. Janet

  60. I think ya’ll should make a business out of making maple syrup, I just love when people practice the old homestead way of life. Your maple syrup posts were my favorite, it is so interesting, how lucky you are to make your own. It’s just a thought, I would be a good customer, we use syrup a lot.

  61. Congratulations to both of you, as this is a very brave decision. I, too, left a very lucrative career 9 years ago, went back to school, and am now in a career I love. This will work out; do what you love, the rest will come.

  62. The right decision is rarely ever the easy one! Good for you all listening to God’s call, relying on Him for provision and peace, and it sounds like ultimately you guys are truly Finding Home. 🙂

  63. Woo Hoo! Good for you and your family! It sounds like God is leading you in a great new direction. Enjoy this precious time with your family! Sounds like you have a fantastic man there! Life to the full! Melissa

  64. Kudos to you and your husband for taking such a brave leap of faith! I applaud you both for being able to sustain this lifestyle for 14 years – that could not have been easy.

    We are in year two! We lived on a very tight budget for many years and I cannot lie, at first the money was a nice bonus. But I can see already, the wear and tear of flights, hotels, time zones, and the list goes on wearing my husband down. I too am feeling the wear and tear of running our household solo.

    I wish you and your family all the best during this new transition.

  65. Laura,
    I just got caught up on your recent posts and applaud your husband for making such a brave and life changing decision on behalf of his family. My hubby retired 3 years ago when his company offered a early retirement package and I left a very stressful job a short time later. We have never regretted our decision and it has allowed us more time for family, travel and other outside projects.
    I am thankful every day to the Lord for this opportunity and time he has given us and I pray God will open many new “doors” for your husband and yourself.

  66. Oh Laura…how did I miss this post!???…My hubby has gone through a major change too…but with no time off…I will talk you to about it when i see you….Dana sounds very much like my hubby…a very caring family man…one with the utmost sense of morality and integrity…I feel like things are meant to be and when you follow your heart and soul through life’s journey, you will always be on the path of happiness.

  67. My goodness, I stumbled on your site through the Pinterest Portal.. or the door in the wall to the secret garden.. Your blog is wonderful. Your tips are really helpful. Thank you for being so honest in this post. As a mom 3 married kids the last was with a wedding reception in our yard of 125 friends, I say go for it. Time passes in the blink of an eye. As you know God is able and loving, he will indeed watch over you. Glad you like the red soxes… though New England Pats have my heart.

  68. Hi Laura,
    I am so happy for you Dana and the girls, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dana for 5 years as my boss; I must say he is one of the best boss I’ve had. Iras fortunate to get to know you and the family & also know how hard it was when he traveled, I must say I really miss him in the office. As I walk in I see his office and I remember him sitting there early in the morning. So glad he is happy and you all have been able to catch up with each other.

    I have to congratulate you on this site, it’s amazing. I need your help with my home….lol
    When I’m in this page I can’t seem to be able to put my computer down so many ideas. Love, love this site.
    Wishing you and the family the very best.


  69. Hi Laura,
    I am so happy for you Dana and the girls, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dana for 5 years as my boss; I must say he is one of the best boss I’ve had, I was fortunate to get to know you and the family & also know how hard it was when he traveled, I must say I really miss him in the office. As I walk in I see his office and I remember him sitting there early in the morning. So glad he is happy and you all have been able to catch up with each other.

    I have to congratulate you on this site, it’s amazing. I need your help with my home….lol
    When I’m in this page I can’t seem to be able to put my computer down so many ideas. Love, love this site.
    Wishing you and the family the very best.


  70. What a precious post and a wonderful husband you have. You can read the love through every word and sentiment. My husband is a painting contractor who has worked for himself for 20 years and is also my DIY partner in crime. He is home everyday at 5 and has been intimately involved with the kids as we have 2 bio and 3 adopted. I know without his support and physical presence our adopted kids (at least the 2 youngest) would not have come as far in healing as they have. We have gone without for more years than I can count but I don’t regret one day of it (okay, maybe a few days 🙂 I’m a new follower and fellow blogger and love the faith you share.

  71. I’m sure that wasn’t an easy decision. Once you get into the loop is really hard to break the cycle, the weeks become months and from months years. It was a very brave decision but one worth taking. After all it’s all about priorities and what matters the most. Simple moments with those we love have no price and we can’t simply recreate them, we need to be there to live them. I have been travelling every single week myself for 5 years now and I’m more than fed up with it, one day I’ll be brave enough to break the cycle and change it all 🙂