A Hidden Treasure

I have brought home a lot of box lots from auctions and estate sales.

And dug through in hopes of finding some sort of fun treasure.

I don’t think I have ever expected to find anything of real monetary value – more “that is so great, look at the old chippy paint”.

But I found my first valuable item, buried in a box.

Buried in this box

Vitnage Christmas Ornaments

As I dug through this box of ornaments, I was feeling a little annoyed with myself.

I had paid way too much for vintage ornaments.

Especially since I may or may not have a huge amount of them in my basement already.

But I broke my own auction rules, and got caught up in the bidding.

Worse than that, I paid too much on a not great box so that I had to pass on the really good box.

Or so I thought.

As I dug through, I found this really heavy and large ornament.  It is about 7 inches across.


I also immediately noticed its brass fitting.


And then, since it came from a closed down shop, it had a price tag.


I did some research, that is probably high, and I won’t get anything for it unless I find a collector who is interested.

But, it was fun and a little like being on Antique’s Roadshow just the same!

And, it made me feel a little better about over bidding!

Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “A Hidden Treasure”


  1. Oh my, a kugel! How wonderful for you! I love the weight of them and to think how many Christmases they’ve seen. I’ve only ever found one in all my years buying vintage ornaments at yard sales. Mine gets placed center stage every Christmas. I’ve overpaid for several things but it’s always made up by the fantastic things I get so inexpensively.

  2. Laura,
    Great luck. A past issue of Martha Stewart Living included an article about Kugels and showed them displayed. The article said they were first made in Germany then in the 1890’s produced in Nancy, France. I seldom feel as bad about overpaying for an item as I do for not buying it when I could. The “one(s) that got away” still bothers me.

  3. Oh wow! That’s a really beautiful ornament! I read what the other two comments stated and it looks like you really lucked out! It’s really lovely and has some history behind it too. If only it told its stories!

  4. Such a beautiful ornament! I have one like that from my great grandmother. Mine is silver but the top of it looks just like yours. Every year, hanging it on the tree, is my favorite thing. I have never seen another one one in all my looking. I am so glad to see yours. What a treasure! So happy to find your pretty blog.