A Good Use of Frustration

I have had a bit of frustration the last few days.  So what is a girl to do?

Take that frustration and put it to good use.

Good use, but painful.  Do you see how sweet those birds are?

This is my baby girl’s wallpaper that we put up ten years ago.  At the time we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl.  Good thing she was a girl because this border really is girly, but I convinced myself it would work for a boy or a girl.


But, it is time.  Time to make good on a promise to re-do her room to be more grown up and how she wants it to be.

So we are starting here.

March 2011 119

And I will share the journey with you along the way.  This was my first time removing wallpaper and I can not tell you how satisfying it was to pull off a piece this large.

  March 2011 149

My poor hubby, he just got off a nine hour flight home and I put him to work!

March 2011 150

But it is all for our Blondie who has been extremely patient, who worked really hard today on a snow day and has great ideas on what she wants her room to be.

 March 2011 153

Stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “A Good Use of Frustration”


  1. If it takes a little bit of weight off your shoulders, my Google Reader Notifier brought me here even though I had not clicked follow on the new site. Nice job so far, can’t wait to see the after!!

    How are you liking the switch to wordpress? It’s too funny, I’ve been tossing around the idea in my head all day, now I see that you’ve switched. I’m kinda nervous about the whole crossover, don’t know that I’d be able to afford to have someone do it for me, but would prefer that, haha!

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