A Fall Mantel & Universe Whispers



A friend told me this weekend that the universe was whispering to me and I wasn’t listening, so clearly, it had to begin screaming.

And screaming it is.

As in lower back pain that… Just.  Keeps.  Coming.  Back.

No pun intended.




Today I learned what the problem is and I will begin physical therapy this week.  Luckily it is not too serious and it is manageable.   I also learned that I will likely not be able to return to the type of workouts that I have done for years and years.  The ones that work.   But the truth is, I haven’t been able to do them for months because they keep making my back worse.


So now, I rest and start with something new.




I have to admit, the rest part is a little bit of a relief.   I have to find a way to get my mojo back.  Not just in working out, but overall.  I feel like I have been off my game.  Trying to juggle and manage so many things that none of them are done well.





Maybe that is why we all love the change of seasons so much.  A chance for a mini fresh start.  It seems like such a silly  little change, a fall mantel, but it is one of my favorite things.




This year, I kept it really simple.  Candles, pumpkins, leaves from a tree outside and four galvanized roof panels.




I think taking the time to decorate for the season forces us to slow down,  at least a little bit, and listen.  So I enter this first part of fall with a lesson learned.

Listen a little bit more to the whispers before they start to scream.

Take care of ourselves.




What about you?  What whispers have you been pushing down?

Thanks so much for reading.


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11 thoughts on “A Fall Mantel & Universe Whispers”


  1. What a beautifully inspired post. Thank you. I’m in the process of getting my mojo back as well after a health scare and like you while the change was unexpected I have been enjoying the slower pace. Sometimes we push and push ourselves to keep up with what we have always done but really its time to do things differently. A little bit of pottering and decorating always works for me too. Thank you so much for sharing this and pray your physical therapy goes well.

  2. Great post. Fall always seems like such a time of refreshing. So sorry about the back, but so happy you have discovered the problem and are getting therapy. Sounds like you are in a good, positive, place and the mantel is beautiful.

  3. This post is perfect timing for me. After a difficult summer with a family member, I found it so hard to get back to “myself” whatever that may be. I have not been listening to the whispers either and it has really weighed me down. Your post was perfect. Good luck with your back and your mojo and I am working on mine.

  4. Sending a prayer your physical therapy completes the back recovery. Back pain can be so difficult. No one can see the hurt you are in. I have struggled with a back issue since we moved home. I didn’t seek care for almost a year–it was screaming by the time I paid attention. I have been putting off a visit to the chiropractor as we speak. Thank you for the nudge. Listening. Your mantel is gorgeous. Love the galvanized roof tiles. So unusual.

  5. such a simple truth, the universe will start screaming at us if we choose not to listen. Sadly I think that society in general encourages us NOT to listen, just keep pushing through. thanks for a timely message!

  6. Not surprising your body has taken a hit from all the changes you and your family have gone through the last couple of years. I agree that changing out the mantel gives us a fresh start feeling and just the other day I was looking at mantels I’ve pinned to my Pinterets board and thought of you since I have pinned so many of yours! This may sound weird but 2 years ago after my mother in law died unexpectantly I remember that I liked the feeling of how close our little family became, like in the old days when it was the #1 priority. We are empty nesters. It feel restful to block out the rest of the world for a season. Feel better…

  7. I hope your back is better soon. Ouch!! I have had my oldest here recovering from a broken foot. I was a new empty nester last year and was really in the husband and me groove. It’s been two months and I’m exhausted, eating too much, and not feeling like myself. I am glad she is better but it’s time for things to return to normal for all of us as I’ve heard whispers, too…

  8. Fall greetings to you Laura, Just a note ,but first I must say please take care and follow “orders” about your back. Therapy is not easy but a must do. I recently had a hip replacement (I didn’t listen to the whispers) so I have endured therapy. Now for my reason for my email..the maple bucket arrived..it is lovely, and I love it. It was a perfect 89th birthday gift. I put mums in with a pumpkin friend beside so we are all happy. Thank you so much . Now here’s hoping you rest,do therapy and get your mojo back..Christmas in right around the corner ..busy busy busy.
    Fondly Jere

  9. Laura,

    You got it so right…decorating and changing with the seasons is refreshing. It makes us feel the changes everywhere, inside and out. I love what you did and you can be sure I’m going to steal a few ideas from your mantel décor!!

    I pray you mend and feel better soon. It’s all about patience. I broke my arm in three places waaaaaay back in June and it’s still painful, stiff and I have to go to physical therapy. We aren’t kids anymore! Please…pamper yourself!

    Jane x