A Fa La La La Holiday Home Tour

I know, I know, I can’t stop the fa la la’s.  I am done. Almost. Maybe.  Anyway, there are some upcoming parties of Holiday Home tours so I thought I would pull it all together…

The Family Room

christmas around the house 052

The mantle…


My Lori Mitchell collection in the family room…


This Santa balance toy is one of my favorites.  I still have all of the crafts my girls made in preschool, but there are too many to hang.  I decided to put them all together in an enamelware bucket.

     christmas around the house 007     christmas around the house 016

A fun little pillow

christmas around the house 005

Our coffee table…

hats and christmas mantel 055          Nativity, vignettes, trees 130

   The kitchen table…

christmas around the house 027

The table in our kitchen…


Our kitchen…

christmas around the house 036

christmas around the house 049

christmas around the house 104

christmas around the house 043

    christmas around the house 098            christmas around the house 100


Our dining room…


christmas around the house 054


My one fancy Santa that hangs out in the living room…

christmas around the house 087

Our nativity scene in our living room…


Our main family tree…

christmas around the house 136


Our laundry room…


Our guest bathroom…


Our basement family room…


If you would like to see more detailed posts on these pictures, below are the links:
I will be joining the Holiday Home Tour Parties at
Visit thecsiproject.com
Have a great night!
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42 thoughts on “A Fa La La La Holiday Home Tour”


  1. I AM IN LOVE with your home!!! I love the rustic with the red and green and all the fresh white. The fabric on your dining chairs is one of my favs, I have some in my closet. Simply loverly!!! My vote goes to you!

  2. Wow, Your home is gorgeous!! I love all the trees and your mantel. What a great collection of Lori Mitchell you have. Laura, I can't believe you even decorated the laundry room. No one is allowed to look in mine. Everything is beautiful! Thank you for linking to my party and I will see you there.

  3. I am fa la la la la flabergasted!!! 🙂 Is that a word? Anyway, Laura, girl, you have the most beautiful home! I love everything, you did a wonderful, magazine worthy job with your Christmas decor!! SO cozy and just gorgeous!!!

  4. What a gorgeous home you have! Such a sweet Lori Mitchell collection you have. Love the wooden box/tray on the kitchen table. I also used mason jars on the window seal… so pretty. And even the laundry room… you are good! 🙂 Thanks for the great tour!

  5. Ya know, these home tours are just about too much goodness to take in all at once. I adore soooo many things about your place but it's too fast! KWIM? 🙂 I'm still head over heels in love with your kitchen tree. But loving those masons in your upper window is a close 2nd… so fun! I adore your vintage touches so much!


  6. It is all so gorgeous! First, who is this Lori Mitchell, and why have I never heard of her/him? So cute. Love the dining room chairs, love the skates, well, love it all! So preeettty!
    Question: How do you collage your pictures, rather than just have them one after another?

  7. you have a beautiful home (: I love all of your Christmas Decorations! Merry Christmas!

  8. Found you in The Nester tour of homes. I'll click on any link that boasts Ball canning jars! Everything looks so great!

  9. Love the ball jars. Too pretty! You have a gorgeous home, can I ask what the color is in your dining room? It's lovely, and I might NEED it.. ha, tell my Husband that it's a need. 😉


  10. Oh how I love this post. I think it is so much fun seeing the "whole" house a festive and cheerful all at once.

    You keep on singing Fa La La La La- – I'll be signing right along with ya! LOL

  11. You have a lovely home! It looks so cheery & inviting! I have been inspired by your Christmas decorating ideas. I really like your kitchen and especially love the window over the sink. Just beautiful!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  12. Wow!! I love your home, and all of your decor! The red cranberries in the blue Mason jars had me thinking "why didn't I think of that?! I have a blue jar with sand and shells in it sitting in my window, and some cranberries in the fridge. I think I will take the shells and sand out and put some cranberries in. Thanks so much for the idea! I'm so glad I stopped by from the Nester's Christmas party!

  13. Wow, so many lovely vignettes. It is so difficult to choose my favourite part because everything looks so pretty. I'm going to have to go back to see it all again. Merry Christmas.

  14. Your home is so pretty and I love all of your decor. I have always's wanted to collect Lori Mitchell and now I am truly inspired to get busy! I am so glad I have found you! I will be sticking around!

  15. Laura, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and decorations at my party. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  16. Your home is gorgeous. Love every little Christmas detail. So many pretties to take in! The better not pout pillow is precious! I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Even tho my taste is totally opposite yours, (mine is busy, bulky, bold), I am so in love with your style. I love everything you have done, but I think those simple mason jars just may be my favorite. I have been a follower for some time, stop by my place sometime and Merry Christmas!

  18. I forgot to tell ya, out of all of the photos in the linky party at No Minimalist Here, I spotted the mason jars and clicked on them before even looking at another post over there. Like I said, they are my favorite. I guess I am just a plain old country girl.

  19. How adorable everything is, sweetpea. I especially love your kitchen. Mine is small, but that's just fine since I'm an old lady and try to get hubby to eat out as much as possible! Squeeeeeal. He just insists on eating SOME meals at home though. What ya gonna do, huh?! Sigh…

  20. So fun to see the kitchen tree idea come to life!!! Now I only have to see Julie's house all decorated for Christmas since I've seen Jack's in person and yours in photos. Love it!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  21. Such a pretty home and so neat…just the way I like it. It was a joy to see all your decorating vignettes. I am now a follower. Loved it all. Terry

  22. I think it will be hard to narrow down my #1 pick from your house… can I just pick the whole darn thing? You are amazing! So bright and festive… you've been blessed! Merry Christmas! jules

  23. your header takes my breath away everytime I visit your blog…I just LOVE all the images and how you put everything together. awesome!

  24. Gorgeous and super creative. I love the fact that you can still see the tree under the decorations (not like a lot of other trees I have seen this year, all decorations and hardly a peep of tree!)