A Day of Necessities and a Coconut

For the second day, Peanut was home sick. 

Putnam Christmas, meg new year earing 007

However, after numerous cartwheels performed throughout the day, I am uncertain if I made the right call on keeping her home.  However, she is working hard on the work her sister brought home for her, so props to her.

I ran her to the doctor and the post office. 

Actually two post offices, the first one was closed at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Really, we do live in the country.

Other than that, I have been at my desk.

As much as I never want my kids sick, it has been good to buckle down and get stuff done the last two days.

Today has been nothing creative. 

Ordering Catalogs.

Preparing bills for clients.



Honestly, I just want to get it over with.

My kind husband brought home dinner, is changing over the laundry and the girls are taking care of the dishwasher.

My office is open to the rest of the house in a loft.  So, while I determine who exactly that Pay Pal expense was to I can still answer if a coconut is a fruit or not.

Actually, I couldn’t. 

Blondie looked it up for me.

And in case you are dying to know.  It is considered a fruit, a seed and a nut.  Who knew?

Maybe with all of this behind me, I can enjoy some creative stuff without all of the “financial guilt”.

That is the reality.  In order to do this fun stuff as a business, we can’t loose sight of the “business” side of things. 

I am really going to try and do a better job with my financial records and tracking this year so it is not such a chore to do each year.

I know, very exciting post.

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4 thoughts on “A Day of Necessities and a Coconut”


  1. I don't like coconut even if it is a fruit, seed and nut. haha! Good luck with the taxes.

  2. I learned in Botany class in University, that a fruit always contains seeds (such as Apples, tomatoes, even zucchini). Under that logic, I'm surprised it's considered a fruit at all =P

  3. I'm so bad about our paperwork for our antiques business and each year I promise to get better, but I don't!! Maybe reading that others are trying will help me, LOL

  4. I do not like that side of the business either. I sent my sales tax stuff in the other day, so glad that that is done! I love coconut, well not the texture like on a coconut cream pie but the taste and smell, weird I know! 🙂 I hope you little one is feeling better!